No power connection in your outside area? Want to avoid a clutter of cables in your garden? This is no problem for the new battery-powered garden and cleaning devices with the Kärcher Battery Power exchangeable battery system. Thanks to two different battery platforms (18 V or 36 V), we can offer you the right device for any performance requirement and any application. Maximum flexibility with proven Kärcher quality.

Kärcher Battery Universe: galactic power. Infinite possibilities.

A whole universe full of battery power. The 18 V Kärcher Battery Power battery fits in all 18 V devices from Kärcher. And not just Home & Garden products but also Kärcher Professional products. For even more power, we offer the 36 V Kärcher Battery Power platform. The 36 V Battery Power batteries can also be used in Home & Garden products as well as Professional products.

18 V Kärcher Battery Power battery platform

The 18 V Kärcher Battery Power battery platform includes compact and handy products for caring for small and medium-sized gardens and outdoor areas. The 18 V Kärcher Battery Power exchangeable battery is available in two versions with different capacities: 18 V/2.5 Ah and 18 V/5.0 Ah. Both versions can be used in all 18 V devices. Whether in Kärcher battery lawn mowers, battery multi-purpose vacuum cleaners or battery weed removers, the batteries can be exchanged quickly and easily, and can therefore be used flexibly at any time.

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36 V Kärcher Battery Power battery platform

For large gardens and outdoor areas, the 36 V Kärcher Battery Power battery platform boasts powerful devices from various categories for cleaning tasks and gardening work. The devices in this platform are compatible with the 36 V Kärcher Battery Power batteries – the 36 V/2.5 Ah Kärcher Battery Power battery and the 36 V/5.0 Ah Kärcher Battery Power battery. One battery can be used to operate Kärcher cordless devices such as lawn trimmers, pressure washers or hedge trimmers. For the highest standards of flexibility, mobility and power.

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Real Time Technology

Unparalleled Kärcher Real Time Technology provides users with the best possible information. Unlike conventional LED displays, this technology provides a detailed display of the operating status and charge level.

Real Time display remaining running time

Remaining run time in minutes

Users are provided with continuously updated information regarding the remaining run time during use and therefore know when the battery needs to be changed or charged down to the minute. The run time is adjusted to match the specific device.

Battery display Battery capacity as a percentage

Battery capacity as a percentage

The battery capacity can be read at a glance.

Battery Charge level in minutes

Charge level in minutes

The remaining charging time is shown on the display during the charging process. This ensures that users can know exactly when they can start work again.

Real Time Technology

Ready for take-off: display showing the remaining run time and remaining charging time – down to the exact minute.


Dust- and splash-proof in accordance with IPX5: constructed to resist the most adverse conditions, particularly for cleaning tasks in outside areas.

Infinite possibilities

A spaceship full of Kärcher products: cleaning and garden devices driven by batteries from the Kärcher Battery Power platform.


Efficient temperature management

Highest performance of the lithium-ion cells thanks to efficient temperature management and intelligent battery management.


Compatible with Professional devices

Whether Home & Garden or Professional: all 18 V batteries are compatible with all 18 V devices. And the 36 V batteries can also be used with all 36 V devices from Kärcher.

Products on the Kärcher Battery Power battery platform

Man cleaning terrace with the handheld cleaner

Handheld cleaners

Connect the hose and you're ready to go: with the innovative Kärcher Handheld Cleaner with 18 V Kärcher Battery Power exchangeable battery for fast, diverse intermediate cleaning around the house – no power connection needed.

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Man removing weed with the weed remover

Battery weed removers

No weeds can flourish against this battery weed remover. Dry moss and weeds can be eliminated effortlessly at the surface without causing back pain.

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Woman cleaning with battery high pressure washer

Battery pressure washers

Familiar Kärcher high-pressure cleaning with an unfamiliar drive concept: unlimited cleanliness with the K 2 Battery thanks to the exchangeable battery from the Kärcher Battery Power battery platform.

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Woman mowing lawn with battery lawn mower

Battery multi-purpose vacuum cleaners

No cable. No limit. With the Kärcher Battery Power exchangeable battery and the various battery multi-purpose vacuum cleaners, you can vacuum wet and dry dirt at any time – even where there are no power outlets.

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Woman trimming the lawn with battery lawn trimmer

Battery lawn trimmers

The Kärcher battery lawn trimmers ensure neatly cut corners and a perfect lawn edge. From easy to powerful, Kärcher offers the right solution for every area of application.

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Man vacuuming car with battery multi-purpose vacuum cleaner

Battery hedge trimmers

Perfect for shaping and trimming hedges and bushes. Thanks to the battery operation, it's quiet, practical and has no bothersome cables.

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man blowing leaves with battery leaf blower

Battery leaf blowers and vacuums

Conquer the autumn garden in a storm. The battery-powered Kärcher leaf blower and blower vac ensure tidy paths and gardens in no time at all.

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Woman trimming hedge with battery hedge trimmer

Battery grass & shrub shears

Trimming lawn edges is light work thanks to the battery-powered grass shears. And with a simple blade change, the tool becomes a pair of shrub shears for pruning shrubs with precision.

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