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Many people are drawn outdoors again in spring when the days start to get longer and the weather gets better. The bicycle is often present. However, following a trip through forests or meadows or on dirt tracks or dusty roads, a thorough cleaning of the bicycle is in order. Because anyone who wants to have fun on their mountain, city or electric bike for as long as possible should take good and regular care of their bicycle. With the right device and the appropriate accessories this is a piece of cake – whether in front of the garage, in the garden or on the go.

Cleaning the bicycle at home

A few utensils are required for thoroughly cleaning the bicycle at home:

  • Bicycle stand or a wall
  • Cleaning device of your choice
  • Detergent
  • Soft cloth (e.g. microfibre) 

pressure washer or the OC 3 are suitable cleaning devices. While the pressure washer generally has to be connected to the power and water supply, the handheld medium-pressure washer is battery-powered and therefore only needs the water connection. It is also suitable for the fast intermediate cleaning of the bicycle in the garden and wherever there is no power connection nearby.

Wherever there is no water connection available, pressure washers in classes K 4 to K 7 can suction water from a bucket or canister. All that is needed is a compatible suction hose for the pressure washer or medium-pressure washer as an accessory.

bicycle cleaning with high-pressure

Cleaning the bicycle on the go

The Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 is suitable for cleaning dust and dirt from the bicycle on the go, so that, for example, the boot of the car does not get dirty. Thanks to the compact dimensions it even fits into a bike basket, the handpiece and the 2.8 metre long spiral hose are stowed under the removable 4-litre tank without taking up too much space. 

In order to clean with the OC 3, simply remove the tank and fill with water, take the spray gun from the device and secure the tank again properly. Then aim the spray gun at the bicycle and pull the trigger. The lithium-ion battery has a runtime of 15 minutes. Using the vehicle adapter, the OC 3 can also be operated with the car battery.


Step by step towards a clean bicycle

position the bicycle

First of all, position the bicycle on level ground and either clamp it into an assembly stand or lean it against a wall or big tree. 

For cleaning on the go: remove the OC 3 tank, remove spray gun, secure tank again and switch on device. For cleaning at home: connect pressure washer or KHB 5 to water supply and, if necessary, the power supply and switch on device. The flat jet nozzle should be used on all devices for bicycle cleaning.

cleaning the bicycle

Now hose down the bicycle with the OC 3, KHB 5 or a pressure washer. Do not aim the water stream directly at the bearings, shock absorbers or electrical connections, e.g. for e-bikes. When cleaning with high pressure, maintain sufficient distance to tyres and small parts (approx. 30 cm). 

Tip: If cleaning from bottom to top, it is easier to see where the bicycle is already clean. 

using detergent

In the case of stubborn dirt, it is also advisable to use a detergent. The Bike Cleaner 3-in-1, for example, is suitable: before cleaning apply the detergent evenly to the dirty areas, leave it on for a short period and then rinse off.

Important: To protect the environment, the detergent should only be used on sealed floors (e.g. asphalt) with feed line to the sewer system. 

rubbing the frame dry

If there is still a greyish haze on the frame, this can be quickly removed using a wash brush. Then rub the frame dry at the cleaned areas using a soft cloth (e.g. microfibre). Oil the chain and gears again after cleaning.

Tip: In order to save water when cleaning with the OC 3, dampen the universal brush and scrub the bicycle. Then hose down the loose dirt.

Appropriate devices and accessories

Mobile cleaning
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Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3

Compact, simple to transport and easy to store. With integrated battery and water tank for diverse applications without power and water connection.

high pressure cleaning
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