Floor tool replacement SG 4/4

New, innovative floor tool for even better cleaning results – thanks to optimised steam utilisation and larger cleaning surface.

Features and benefits
Innovative lamellas on the cleaning surface of the floor nozzle.
  • Steam can be used more efficient, no escape of steam.
  • Larger cleaning area for an even more efficient cleaning and more thorough cleaning result.
  • The cloth is fixed to the floor nozzle on a maximal surface. More dirt is removed and absorbed.
Innovative fixation mechanism to fix the cloth
  • Easy fixture of the cloth at the floor nozzle.

Technical data

Weight incl. packaging (kg) 0.2
Compatible machines
Application areas
  • For all hard surfaces, e.g. tiles, natural stone, PVC, linoleum.
  • For cleaning floors
  • For tiled walls (large).
  • For ceilings insensitive to water.