Pump adapter including check valve, small

Pump adapter with check valve for vacuum-resistant connection of suction hoses to pumps (e.g. garden pumps and high-pressure pumps for domestic use).

Pump adapter for vacuum-resistant connection of suctions hoses to garden pumps and high-pressure pumps for domestic use. Adapter is ideal for pumps with 1" connecting thread (33.3 mm) and 3/4" or 1" hoses. Includes union nut, hose clamp, washer and check valve. Check valve can be used in submersible pumps or submersible pressure pumps to prevent water flowing back into the pump. Otherwise, a washer is used instead of the check valve.

Features and benefits
Connection piece
  • For vacuum-resistant connection of the hoses to the pump
Rotatable thread
  • For mounting the pump connector to the pump, particularly if the hose is already mounted on the pump connector.
For 3/4" and 1" hoses
  • The matching connection piece can be used depending on the size of the hose.
Includes flat seal
  • Seals the connection piece to the pump, so that no water can escape
Includes non-return valve
  • Prevents the backflow of water that has already been pumped. Is particularly recommended for the use of submersible pumps and submersible pressure pumps.
Includes hose clamp
  • For attaching the hose to the pump connector

Technical data

Thread size G1
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 0.1
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 41 x 65 x 41
Compatible machines
Application areas
  • For connecting hoses to pumps.