Hose hanger

This heavy-duty hose hanger is great for storing garden hoses safely, helping to maintain and preserve the quality of your hoses and reducing clutter when mounted securely to a garage wall.

Store your garden hose safely and securely with a garden hose hanger from Kärcher. Loose hoses pose a dangerous trip hazard to you and your family if left out on the ground and could also cause damage to the hose itself, not to mention looking unsightly to visitors. Eliminate all these problems at once with a hose hanger that keeps your hose safe and out of sight. This garden hose hanger from Kärcher can be easily mounted on walls for hassle-free access to your hose as and when you need it. Fit it to external walls for unbeatable convenience or mount it inside your garage where it won’t be seen. The hanger even has a special storage area for nozzles and spray guns so you can keep all your hose accessories close at hand too. Whether you have a single all-purpose hose or multiple hoses for different purposes, a hose hanger can help you stay organised, save space and provide an attractive and convenient way to store this essential gardening tool. Practical, heavy duty and built to last – it’s a solid investment for any home.

Features and benefits
Easy mounting on external walls
  • Can be easily stored
Practical and space-saving with a compartment for spray guns and nozzles
  • Can be easily stored

Technical data

Weight (kg) 0.2
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 0.2
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 160 x 250 x 180
Application areas
  • For watering small to medium-sized areas and gardens.
  • For watering food plants and useful plants (small beds, individual and pot plants).
  • For watering small beds, individual and pot plants.
  • Cleaning gardening tools and garden furniture.