Window Vac WV 1

The Kärcher WV 1 Window Vac is a quick and easy way to achieve streak-free surfaces around the home. This lightweight handheld vacuum can clean for up to 25 minutes or 70m² in one charge.

The Kärcher WV 1 effortlessly vacuums up moisture and is a quick and easy way to achieve clean, dry and streak-free surfaces around the home. This lightweight rechargeable handheld vacuum has a powerful lithium-ion battery that can clean for up to 25 minutes or 70m² in just one charge. Benefit from effective and efficient window cleaning as the Kärcher Window Vac can clean surfaces up to 3x quicker than conventional methods, whilst also having the versatility to tackle everyday condensation. The 250mm cleaning head is perfect for leaving shower screens, tiles and mirrors sparkling. It can even be used for sucking up liquid spills from floors and worktops or cleaning windows on your car too.

Features and benefits
Window Vac WV 1: Lightweight
Versatile and ergonomic design that can be used on all smooth surfaces.
Window Vac WV 1: Compact Design
Compact Design
This compact, convenient device makes cleaning smooth surfaces even quicker and easier.
Window Vac WV 1: LED Display
LED Display
The LED display indicates when the battery needs to be recharged.
  • The quick and easy way to clean flat surfaces, such as windows, tiles, worktops and mirrors leaving a sparkling, streak-free finish.
3 x Faster
  • Up to 3 x faster than with conventional methods.
Streak-Free Cleaning
  • Drips & streaks are now a thing of the past thanks to the Kärcher Window Vac.
  • Simply open the tank and pour the contents down the sink - it's quick and easy, with no contact with dirty water.
The Original Inventor
  • Original Kärcher quality from the inventor of the Window Vac.

Technical data

Working width of suction nozzle (mm) 250
Dirty water container capacity (ml) 100
Battery running time (min) 25
Battery charging time (min) 150
Battery type Lithium ion battery
Current type (Ph/V/Hz) 1 / 100 - 240 / 50 - 60
Colour white
Weight including battery (kg) 0.5
Weight without accessories (kg) 0.5
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 0.6
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 130 x 250 x 275

Scope of supply

  • Battery charger


  • Suction nozzle
Window Vac WV 1
Application areas
  • All smooth surfaces
  • Windows
  • Mirrors
  • Tiles
  • Tables / Worktops
  • Shower screens
Cleaning agents