PartsPro Cleaner PC Bio 20, 20l

Biologically active cleaning agent, water-based, pH-neutral, skin-friendly and solvent-free. Ideal for cleaning sensitive metals, e.g. aluminium, silver, titanium, etc. to remove oil, grease and other dirt.


Technical data

Packaging size (l) 20
Packaging unit 1
pH 8.8
Weight (kg) 20
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 21.5
  • Biologically active parts cleaning agent for strong contamination
  • Dissolves heavy oil and grease stains
  • Gentle cleaning action
  • Non-corrosive and not flammable
  • Clear liquid with distinctive smell
  • pH value in concentrate approx. 9
  • Specially for use in Kärcher PC Bio parts cleaners.
  • NTA free
  • VOC-free
  • Free from solvents
 PartsPro Cleaner PC Bio 20, 20l
Application areas
  • Parts cleaning