Ericsson Globe - Stockholm, Schweden

Ericsson Globe – Stockholm, Schweden

Stockholm’s Landmark prepared for Eurovision Song Contest

On time for the Eurovision Song Contest which will take place 10-14th of May 2016 in Stockholm, the Ericsson Globe will shine in new splendor: Since autumn of last year, rope access technicians have cleaned the surface of the Swedish venue with devices provided by Kärcher. Thus, the largest spherical building in the world was thoroughly freed from soilings for the first time since its opening 27 years ago – environmentally friendly with hot water only and without using any chemicals.

Pressure washers HDS 12/18-4 SX and the water-powered brush head iSolar 800 were used for cleaning the Stockholm landmark. Because it is located right next to a highway which is used by 80,000 cars and buses daily, the venue is exposed to heavy air pollution. During this project, it was taken care that detached particles do not find their way into surrounding rivers and bays via the water used. Contaminants such as heavy metals and oil residues were properly collected and disposed of with the help of filters. This approach was decided on in cooperation with the local environmental authorities. The cleaning project had already started in the autumn of 2015, but was paused in winter several times due to freezing temperatures.