Professional tips for perfect cleaning and disinfection in food areas

The coronavirus pandemic is emphatic proof of how important preventative hygiene is in our day-to-day lives. Recognisable cleanliness and order in retail trade are appreciated by customers and play a key role in the decision to purchase. Comprehensive hygiene and cleaning concepts are therefore an important factor for success in retail trade. The Kärcher system offers the ideal efficient and economical cleaning solution for all work areas and floor coverings.


*Use biocide products with caution. Always read the label and product information before use. For professional users only.

Red risk rating

Areas with a high risk of infection. These are surfaces that frequently come into contact with the hands or skin or may be associated with an increased risk due to the work process. In accordance with the cleaning and hygiene plan, all surfaces are cleaned using the described method and routinely disinfected or undergo targeted disinfection using a disinfectant.

Shopping trolleys/shopping baskets

EC payment terminal/scanner terminals

Customer toilets

Soap dispensers

Baby changing facilities

Water dispensers/coffee machines/cigarette dispensers at the checkout area

Reverse vending machines

Restaurant areas/tables/chairs

Dispensing systems (cutlery, sugar, etc.)

Door handles on product display cases/door handles on self-service display cases and counters/sliding covers on freezer cabinets/tongs in the back shop

Bread slicer in the back shop

Fruit and vegetable scales

Bag dispensers

Protective screens in front of tills/points of sale


Microwaves/kettles, etc.

Staff toilets

Phones/printers and fax machines/mobile phones

Staff entrances/doors

Information desk

Butchery area (storage area, knives, mincer, etc.)

Transport aids/pallet trucks

Transport boxes for fresh food

Roller shutters/shutter releases/pull contacts/switches

Goods acceptance scanners

Freezer and cold storage areas/doors/handles


Confiscate containers/re-food containers

Yellow risk rating

Areas with a potential risk of infection. These areas should be cleaned on a regular basis using particularly thorough methods (dust removal, surface cleaning, floor cleaning). This includes partial disinfection (prophylactic disinfection). The aim is to limit the spread of pathogens.

Dual system sorting stations

Back shops/display shelves


Checkout conveyor belts

Cash drawer

Checkout packing area

Common area/staff kitchen

Divider doors between fresh departments

Staff changing rooms

Textile rental stations

Staff washrooms

Office cabinets/doors/handles

Loading ramps

Warehouse flooring

Storage shelves

Waste disposal compactor station

Green risk rating

Areas with no risk of infection. These areas should be cleaned to remove impurities and contamination (such as dust, chemical substances, micro-organisms, organic substances). There is no risk of infection here.

Entrance gates

Market floors

Goods shelves