Garden Transfer Pumps & Pressure Pumps

Kärcher's pump range can be used to supply water to both the home and garden via an external water source such as a water tank or water bladder.

  • Water the garden with a hose.
  • Supply water to a water feature in the garden.
  • Supply water to your toilet & laundry with a pressure pump.
Max. flow rate (Litres per hour)
Delivery head (Metre)
230833 (Bar)
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Kärcher Booster pumps

How do Kärcher Pumps work?

To put simply, the Kärcher range of water pumps are a device for moving water from one source, to another. 

They consist of three main parts; an inlet, a pump system & an outlet. Water moves in via the inlet and when pressure is made via the pump system, water moves via the outlet.

They are most commonly used to supply water areas around your home or garden when using an external water source such as a water tank, water barrel or water bladder.

What is the difference between Garden Transfer Pumps & Pressure Pumps?

karcher pressure pumps

Pressure Pumps

Pressure Pumps can do everything a Garden Transfer Pump can do, plus more. Similarly to Garden Transfer Pumps, Pressure Pumps are most commonly used when using an external water source such as a water tank or water bladder. 

However, they can also supply water to areas insider your home such as your laundry and toilet.

They can be used for:

  • Supplying water to garden hoses and sprinkler systems.
  • Garden features.
  • Supplying toilet or laundry water.


Kärcher Pressure Pumps can also supply water to both your home and garden simultaneously.

karcher garden transfer pump

Garden Transfer Pumps

Kärcher's Garden Transfer Pumps are used solely for supplying water to areas around your garden.

This includes:

  • Hoses
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Garden features

And other garden watering accessories
They are connected to third party sources such as water tanks or water barrels and generate the flow of water to all of these garden accessories & features.

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