Kärcher's range of water pumps range from submersible pumps for drainage, to garden transfer pumps for watering your garden via an external source, right through to pressure pumps which can supply water to both your home and garden.

  • Easily drain flooded areas around the home or worksite with our submersible pump range.
  • Connect garden & pressure pumps to your water tank or water blatter to supply water to your garden.
Kärcher  Submersible Pumps

Submersible Pumps

Kärcher's submersible pumps pump water quickly and easily, either to recirculate water or pump it out. You can choose between Kärcher models for dirty water and models for clear or only slightly dirty water.

Kärcher  Garden Transfer & Pressure Pumps

Garden Transfer & Pressure Pumps

These products can be used in very versatile ways, for example for watering the garden, or indoors for supplying the washing machine and toilet with clean well water, groundwater, rainwater or spring water.

Which type of Pump do I need?


You can use the application guide below and the walk-through video on the right to understand which type of Pump you will need.

Submersible Pumps

These can be used for drainage and are suitable for use with both clean or dirty water.

  • Draining flooded houses.
  • Draining pools or ponds.
  • Draining pits around building sites. 

Garden Transfer Pumps

These can be used for watering your garden via external water sources such as water tanks or water bladders.

  • Supply water to hoses, sprinklers or water features.

Pressure Pumps

These can be used to supply water to both your garden and also areas inside your home such as the laundry and toilet, when using an external source such as a water tank.

  • Supplying water to hoses, sprinklers or water features in the garden.
  • Supplying water to your toilet or laundry.
  • Can supply water to both the home and garden simultaneously. 

Karcher Pumps