Best Way to clean your home and garden

People around the world spend approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes cleaning each week – this is according to a study on global cleaning habits that was carried out on behalf of Kärcher. For a clean home, many a cleaning device or household remedy are called upon. Whether indoors or outdoors: Tips on how to use these correctly can help make your work quicker, and you have more time to enjoy the finer things in life.

Tips for tackling dirt within your own four walls

Cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning living spaces – it is not just when spring-cleaning that you have a lot to do at home. This is because lots of dirt arises over time within your own four walls: Stains on the floor, upholstery and carpets. Pollen, dust and fingerprints on the windows. Food and grease residues in the kitchen. Limescale and soap residue in the bathroom. However, with just a few tricks, the right cleaning devices, cleaning agents and household remedies, you can remove dirt quickly and your home will yet again be hygienically clean.


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Cleaning gutters

For most, cleaning the gutters is probably one of the more unpleasant chores. However, if gutters and downpipes are clogged and rainwater cannot drain properly, then you’re left with no choice but to clean the gutters and remove fallen leaves and dirt. The gutter could otherwise overflow during the next rainfall, which could damage the roof, facades, or patio. But what is the best way to clean a gutter quickly, effectively and above all safely? Here are practical roof gutter and pipes cleaning tips.

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Car interior cleaning

If you want to keep your car looking good for as long as possible, it requires more than just a quick wash on the outside. From the seats to the cockpit, and the windows to the floor mats - thorough car interior cleaning is also part of taking care of your car and needs to be done on a regular basis. This protects the material inside and ensures that the vehicle retains its value for a long time. With just a couple of tricks and the right equipment, the inside of your car will be spotless in no time.

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Bike cleaning

Riding a bike is fun, environmentally friendly and good for your health. If you want to enjoy your mountain bike, city bike or e-bike for as long as possible, you should maintain and wash your bike regularly. With the right device and the right accessories, it's quick and easy - whether in front of the garage, in the garden or on the road.


Caravan cleaning

For many, caravans or campers are the epitome of freedom. Thanks to them, you always have a roof over your head when on holiday and are totally flexible. Just like cars, campers and caravans require regular cleaning, both outside and inside. After all, dust, rain, leaves, insects and co., as well as everyday life leave its mark on the living space. Here are useful tips and advice on how to clean your caravan or camper.

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Car washing

Is it getting harder and harder to look through your car's dirty windshield? Or is your car covered with pollen, leaves, road salt, or animal droppings? It’s probably time to wash your car. If you don't want to head to the car wash, you can wash your car quickly and easily at home with the right equipment and these tips.

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Car care

If you want to enjoy your car for many years to come, you have to take care of it. Good car care does not only mean washing the car regularly, but also caring for the paint and bodywork, as well as keeping the interior clean. All it takes is a little time, suitable cleaning equipment and good care products. The best car care tips for an all-around well-cared-for car are here.

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Motorcycle cleaning

Being able to experience the feeling of freedom again. This is how many motorcycle owners feel when the temperatures rise in spring and the motorcycle season gets underway. But before hitting the road, your favourite two-wheeled vehicle needs to look its best for all its upcoming trips. The rims, bodywork and engine in particular need special care - not only for visual reasons, but also to ensure that they work properly. These tips will get your motorbike back to its old shiny self in no time.


Wooden decking

A patio offers many advantages, especially in the summer. It can be used as a retreat to relax and soak up the sun, or to sit together and enjoy the company of friends and family. Wooden decking is particularly popular, as it radiates a warm naturalness and turns the outdoor area into a cosy outdoor living space. The disadvantage of wood, in contrast to concrete or stone, is its sensitivity, depending on the variety of wood used. To enjoy your wooden decking for a long time to come, it is therefore important to clean and maintain the decking on a regular basis. Here are some tips for wooden patio cleaning.

Car Seats Cleaning

Car seats

It's important to know that there is a major difference between vacuuming and deep cleaning our car seats and carpet. Whilst vacuuming will remove dirt on the top of the fibres, it will not remove all the dirt that has seeped deep into the fibres over time.
Deep clean your car's interior, including the seats, carpet and even the roof with the Kärcher SE 5.100 Spray Extractor.

BBQ Cleaning

BBQ cleaning

BBQ's can be difficult to clean when grease and burn marks build up over time on the grill and inderneath the hood.
We can give you a step by step guide, along with an instructional video to show you how you can easily clean your entire BBQ with a Kärcher SC 3 EasyFix Steam Cleaner.



Carpet cleaning

A beautiful carpet makes the home feel cosy, emphasises features, and keeps your feet warm. The textile floor covering not only looks good, but it also improves slip-resistance, and dampens the noise of footsteps. The length of the pile determines how easy or demanding it is to maintain a carpeted floor. For all carpets, regular and thorough cleaning is recommended: This maintains the appearance, increases the lifetime and, furthermore, ensures hygiene, since heavily ingrained dirt is loosened and pet hair and harmful mites are removed.

Mattress Cleaning

Mattress cleaning

We all know mattresses can be prone to some nasty stains. Kids wee, food scraps and drink spills can all be very tough to get out! Well, there are ways to deep clean your mattress and remove these unwanted stains!
Deep clean your mattress and remove any unwanted stains with the Kärcher SE 5.100 Spray Extractor.

Shower cleaning

Shower cleaning

The various sections of the shower such as the tiles, shower screen and handles all require different ways of cleaning to achieve the best results.
Using a Kärcher Steam Cleaner also allows you to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria and can help easily clean moulded areas!
See our step by step guide along with our instructional how-to video on how to clean your shower with a Kärcher SC 3 EasyFix Steam Cleaner.

Oven cleaning

We know the inside of the oven such as the walls and the trays can be difficult to clean as food splatters dry and become hard to remove.
We can show you how you can use a Kärcher SC 3 EasyFix Steam Cleaner to clean both the inside and outside of the oven. The beauty of using a Kärcher Steam Cleaner is that it kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria without the use of detergent!

Cleaning with steam in the living room

Clean without chemicals

Steam cleaners remove even stubborn dirt quickly and easily – and without any chemicals at all. They ensure cleanliness throughout the home in the most natural way, making them a real alternative to conventional methods of cleaning. Whether in the bathroom, the kitchen or the living room, they can be put to a wide variety of uses. What could be more natural than using the power of steam for big and small cleaning jobs around the house?

Carpet Cleaning Karcher Spray Extractor

Deep clean carpet

Remove stains and bring back the natural colour of your carpet and rugs with the Kärcher SE 5.100 Spray Extractor.
Over time our carpet and rugs can lose their natural colour as dust and dirt seeps deep into the fibres. Most of us think that new carpet is required when this happens, but this isn't always the case.
By using a Kärcher SE 5.100 Spray Extractor, you can actually deep clean your carpeted areas and bring back the natural colour, leaving your carpet looking as good as new.