Outdoor Power Equipment

Battery Power for Professionals Switch from the leaf blower to the hedge trimmer or the mower – and simply take the battery with you. Any batteries in the 36 V class are suitable for all machines in the Kärcher Outdoor Power Equipment range. This means you are always immediately ready to work. You achieve the best results for every job with the high performance and durability of our battery powered machines. And you work ergonomically and comfortably with low noise. This is Kärcher quality for the highest demands and your individual requirements. Precisely the right machines for all professional garden maintenance work.


Meet the 36V Professional Outdoor Power Equipment Range

LT 380/36

LT 380/36 Bp

The powerful 36 V battery trimmer is by no means intended only for the "fine-tuning" of lawn edges. It is ideally suited to working on uneven and steep terrain, as well as for narrow and difficult-to-access areas, for example around bushes, trees or fences, and under benches. The 3.5 kg machine, with the battery at the holding end of the guide handle, can be operated with good balance and the required precision. The large, ergonomically shaped round handle has a soft cover and can be flexibly fixed at various heights and positions. For longer periods of work, there is a carrying strap.

CS 400/36

CS 400/36 Bp

Whether for property maintenance in gardening and horticulture, the removal of branches and trees, for example, after storm damage or maintenance works on trees and hedges in parks – the new battery-powered chain saw CS 400/36 Bp from Kärcher impresses in daily use. Thanks to the low maintenance effort and long life, it is particularly economical and suitable for professional use, for example, in municipalities, in the building trade or forestry and agriculture. The powerful chain saw easily cuts different types of wood – and does so without petrol and exhaust emissions.

LM 530/36

LM 530/36 Bp

The powerful 36 V battery-powered lawnmower makes possible quick progress when mowing with a cutting width of 53 cm and the high catcher bag volume of 65 litres. The LM 530/36 Bp also has a central cutting height adjustment: the blade can be quickly and easily adapted before use using a handle at the side of the machine and set to different grass heights between 30 and 110 millimetres. Depending on the application or ground conditions, the cutting speed is automatically adapted – with consistently high performance guaranteed. This saves energy, increases the battery runtime and consequently the area performance.

LB 930/36

LB 930/36 Bp

The LB 930/36 Bp is equipped with a removable blow tube, a high-speed nozzle and a metal scraper, which can be used as needed. For instance, small and medium-sized areas can be effectively cleared of leaves and stubborn or loose dirt. The variable speed control makes possible the flexible adaptation to different types of dirt. The cleaning can be controlled more precisely and is more comfortable. When the Turbo Boost button is pressed, the air speed and thus the blowing force are increased temporarily in order to make it easier to remove heavy or stubborn contamination such as potting soil or sticky food leftovers. Compacted dirt and wet leaves can be easily loosened with the metal scraper at the end of the blow tube without the need for an additional tool – this saves time and money.

HD 4/11 C Bp

HD 4/11 C Bp

With the HD 4/11 C Bp, Kärcher extends the area of use of high-pressure cleaners for professional applications practically without limitation: with the battery-powered machine, work can be carried out independently of the mains power supply, which means that the search for a power socket or the installation of extension cables is now a thing of the past. Thanks to the suction hose provided, even completely self-sufficient use is possible if alternative water sources, such as tanks, are used. The cold water machine is used, for example, by building service providers, in the municipal area and in the construction sector and is part of the "Kärcher Battery Universe".

Why Kärcher Outdoor Power Equipment Range?

Maximum Flexibility for Users

The search for sockets and the tedious job of winding and unwinding the cable are now a thing of the past with the use of the battery-powered machines. At the same time, there are also fewer tripping hazards with the disappearance of the cable. Apart from the occupational safety, the efficiency also increases: Users save considerable work time. All products in the range are operated by 36 V Battery Power+ batteries with a capacity of 6.0 Ah or 7.5 Ah.

Minimal Costs for Operation and Maintenance

The new battery-powered "Outdoor Power Equipment" is very efficient: For instance, the professional devices generate less operating costs compared to petrol-operated models. Thanks to the robust materials, as well as the safe electronics and fixed connections, they are resistant to impacts and vibrations. For example, the steel mowing deck and high-quality ball-bearing wheels for the Kärcher battery-powered lawnmower LM 530/36 Bp or the brush knife of the battery-powered strimmer BCU 260/36 Bp made from hardened steel ensure a long service life. The maintenance costs are also much lower than for petrol-operated counterparts. The battery-powered chain saw CS 400/36 Bp has automatic lubrication, which reduces the maintenance effort considerably. The chain can also be quickly retensioned or changed using a combination wrench. The tool is located at the bottom of the machine and can be easily removed as required – no more time-consuming searching for tools.

Friendly and Convenient for the Environment and User

The new products are very quiet and therefore suitable for work at night or in noise-sensitive areas, which are heavily frequented by the public. For example, the battery-powered chain saw from Kärcher is much quieter than a petrol-operated model, which has an impact on the perceived volume level. With no exhaust emissions and reduced vibrations, the products are user-friendly, specially in long-term use, as signs of fatigue do not occur as quickly. With the use of the Kärcher battery-powered leaf blower LB 930/36 Bp, the vibration is reduced considerably compared to petrol-operated models. For example, with the battery-powered lawnmower, the driving or operating speed can be individually adapted to the user's requirements – this saves power and energy.