Sweepers and Vacuum Sweepers

Maximum sweeping performance - always and everywhere From the manual sweeper via the walk-behind and ride-on machine to the extremely powerful and robust industrial ride-on sweeper. Clean sweeping at any time with reliable and innovative Kärcher technology. We are also highly innovative when it comes to sweeping!

Kärcher  Walk Behind Sweepers and Vacuum Sweepers

Walk Behind Sweepers and Vacuum Sweepers

For courtyards, paths, workshops and halls. For caretakers, tradesmen, contract cleaners and industry. Walk-behind sweepers and sweeper vacuums are ergonomic and easy to use. They sweep thoroughly with low dust development - even in corners. Machines with traction drive are ideal from 300 m².

Kärcher  Ride On Vacuum Sweepers

Ride On Vacuum Sweepers

Economical, clean and efficient on medium-sized and large areas: thanks to the wide range of machines, Kärcher sweeper vacuums meet all requirements. Special importance is always attached to the latest, customer-oriented technology as well as easy handling, access and service.

Which sweeper is right for me?

The type of sweeper right for your space is dependant on a number of variables including the size of the area, accessability and type of floor being cleaned - just to name a few!

Below is a quick guide regarding which type of sweeper category is best for which application. However if you'd like an expert suggestion on what type of sweeper model is ideal for your worksite, you can book a free site survey with a Kärcher rep using the button below. 

Compact Push Sweepers

If your looking for an entry level professional sweeper for relatively small areas such as paths, courtyards, halls and workshops then our compact range is an ideal choice. Suitable for areas up to 2800 m2/h and capable of reaching tight or narrow spaces. Our compact range is commonly used by those in hospitality, tradesmen, industrial workers and contract cleaners.

Walk-Behind Sweepers

A slightly larger option designed to cover a larger working area than our compact range. Our walk-behind sweepers are ideal for narrow aisles and large workshops or courtyards.  They come with a wider working width meaning they are able to clean more space at a time and are capable or cleaning areas up to 3825 m2/h. The walk-behind range is commonly used by contract cleaners, workshop or farm owners and those in industry.

Ride-On Sweepers

Our ride-on range is designed for covering large spaces more quickly. We range machines suitable for cleaning areas anywhere between 5,100-21,600 m2/h meaning each machine is highly specialised for spaces of varying sizes. They have a range of applications but are most commonly used to clean warehouses, factories, carparks and large outdoor areas.