Cleaner solutions for greater success. Effectiveness and efficiency, cleanliness and hygiene, functionality and quality. As diverse as the requirements of animal husbandry, fish farming, arable farming, viticulture and forestry are – with innovative Kärcher cleaning appliances you can fulfil all of them. We know that every investment has to function smoothly for many years and that high standards and legal restrictions on cleaning and hygiene have to be complied with in order to achieve lasting success. With this in mind, we offer solutions for optimal protection and for the perfect maintenance of your machines, systems, stables and buildings. With our professional machines and detailed solutions, you can count on getting the best results in your daily cleaning. Easy to operate and powerful, Kärcher technologies make all of your processes smooth, safe and efficient. And that is what counts for long-term success.


Hygienically clean. Outstandingly fast.

High standards of hygiene are an indispensable component in professional animal husbandry, because assured quality is the first step towards optimal operating results. Regular, thorough cleaning of animal accommodation – pre-cleaning, disinfection and interim cleaning – are therefore essential to protect animals from germs and vermin. With Kärcher high-pressure cleaners and innovative 2K disinfection systems, these cleaning tasks can be completed quickly, easily, efficiently and effectively. As a result, you benefit not only from improved levels of hygiene and healthy livestock, but above all you save time and money on expensive medications.


Pig farming

Cleanliness and hygiene are what count when it comes to rearing animals. Kärcher cleaning and disinfection systems are ideal for stable facilities, both during animal rearing and before animals are relocated.


Cattle farming

Ideal coarse cleaning with high pressure, for example for faeces and food remains in calf igloos and resting areas.


Dairy cows

Hygiene is paramount wherever germs gather. That's why our high-pressure units and patented foam disinfection are the first choice in milk storage rooms and rotary milking parlours.


Poultry farming

Don't give bacteria, viruses and pests a chance: effective disinfection for poultry production and rearing young animals, as well as final cleaning during the service period of egg production and hatchery disinfection.


Sheep, goat and horse rearing

Our high-pressure cleaners are ideal for deep cleaning barns and stables. Droppings and dirty bedding can be removed easily.

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Cleaning to retain value

Professional production requires high-quality machines that can be relied on for years. It is therefore essential – particularly for high-performance machines for arable farming and viticulture – to preserve their functionality in the long term through regular cleaning and maintenance. With Kärcher, retaining the value of your systems is easy: effective cleaning systems, a diverse range of applications, a full range of accessories and last but not least, lots of innovations, e.g. the time-saving BC 14/12 barrel cleaner, help you to protect your investments. Consequently, our machines guarantee not just clean systems, but also fewer costs, since expensive new acquisitions are deferred.


Machine cleaning

Agricultural machines have to deal with a huge amount of mud. When used with hot water, Kärcher high-pressure cleaners thoroughly remove stubborn crusts, oil and grease residues, while also protecting against corrosion.


Barrel cleaning

Easily achieve a barrel that looks as good as new: with the Kärcher BC 14/12 you can clean your barrique barrels practically and quickly without having to awkwardly reposition them. All deposits from the processes of fermentation, ripening or years of storage are efficiently removed without residues.

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No challenge too great.

Exceptional challenges call for exceptional solutions: whether this means fulfilling legal requirements in the fish farming industry or tackling difficult jobs in forestry, with Kärcher you will be ready for anything. We offer solutions for disinfection of your rearing tanks, complete hygienic cleaning of transportation vehicles with special disinfection requirements, and easy removal of bark and cambium. Our advanced and efficient machines will enable you to work even more quickly and effectively, no matter what cleaning challenge you have to tackle.


Fish farming

Every surface hygienically clean: with our 2K system, you can quickly and efficiently disinfect breeding/storage tanks, as well as your vehicles and containers before and after transport. Two components work efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way in the high-pressure foam process to combat bacteria, viruses and vermin. And all of this with a low dosage, at almost any temperature and in an extremely short period of time.



Avoid pest infestations, accelerate drying – with Kärcher high-pressure cleaners you can reduce timber loss during debarking and increase efficiency. Our robust cage machines for difficult terrain are most suitable here. Once you have completed your work you can clean your vehicles and machines on your company premises using stationary high-pressure cleaners.

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