Commercial & Industrial Floor Cleaners and Floor Scrubbers

We offer commercial & industrial floor cleaners to suit every budget. 

Our floor scrubbers are available for short-term hire, long-term rental & purchase. 

Walk-behind scrubber dryers

Walk-behind Scrubber Dryers

Clean in tight, cluttered spaces such as corridors, entrance halls or retail halls with our quiet manoeuvrable walk-behind scrubber dryers.

Step-on scrubber dryer

Step-on Scrubber Dryers

Combine compactness of a walk-behind with productivity of a ride-on, our step-on scrubber dryers are highly manoeuvrable and provide great visability to the user.

Ride-on scrubber dryer

Industrial Ride-on Scrubber Dryers

Suitable for large spaces and capable of cleaning all type of floors. Ideal for industrial application such as warehouses, processing plants & logistics facilities. 

What is a scrubber dryer?

Kärcher scrubber dryers thoroughly remove dirt, dust and residues from hard floors in a single pass leaving surfaces instantly dry, clean and safe. From maintenance to deep cleaning, polishing & even stripping, Kärcher scrubber dryers ensure health, safety and cleaning productivity are maintained in your business.

what is a scrubber dryer?

Accessories & detergents for your scrubber dryer


Cut through dirt and grease quickly with our environmentally friendly detergents. We have the ideal detergent for each and every scrubbery dryer.


From roller or disc options, to diamond pads & microfibre, we have a complete range of accessories to clean virtually any floor type, whether it be structured or flat.

Kärcher  Scrubber Dryers

Scrubber Dryers

Even the crevices sparkle. Using high contact pressure, scrubbers can clean, strip and polish both uneven and smooth floors or shampoo carpets.

Kärcher  Single Disc Machines

Single Disc Machines

Whether on hard surfaces or textile floor coverings: at Kärcher you are guaranteed to find the right single disc machine. We stock machines for all specialised and all-round uses.

Kärcher  Polishing Machines

Polishing Machines

When shoes leave marks: Kärcher polishing machines make floors shine again. Being battery powered, they can also be used during normal business hours.

Kärcher  Stair and Escalator Cleaner

Stair and Escalator Cleaner

Spotlessly clean in next to no time: Kärcher stair and escalator cleaners produce thoroughly clean results on escalators and travelators as well as stairs and window sills..

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