See our complete range of Professional cleaning machines for commercial & industrial use. 

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Request A Free Site Survey & Onsite Demonstration

Commercial cleaning tasks are highly specialised and require the right machine for the job.

  • We conduct free site surveys to ensure we know which machine your worksite needs. 
  • We then bring our recommended machine back to your site and give you a live demo.

You can learn more about this process or request a site survey / live demo here.


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Find your closest Kärcher Dealer

We have a large network of Authorised Kärcher Dealers that distribute our Professional range right across Australia.

If you would like to find the closest one to you, you can use our Authorised Kärcher Dealer Search tool here.

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Industry solutions – find the ideal machines for your cleaning requirements

Not sure what machine you need for your workplace? Check out our industry solutions section to view our recommendations for your cleaning requirements.


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