Hot Water High Pressure Cleaners

Compact, middle & super class hot water high pressure cleaners.

Kärcher  Super Class hot water high-pressure cleaners

Super Class hot water high-pressure cleaners

Whether on construction sites or in stables, removing stubborn dirt requires maximum performance. This is exactly what our Super Class hot water high-pressure cleaners provide. The high-end variants boast first-rate accessories and ergonomic handling, while the Classic machines focus on ultra-simple operation and a robust design. Stand up to dirt – with up to 200 bar of pressure and a flow rate of 1300 l/h.

Kärcher  Middle Class hot water high-pressure cleaners

Middle Class hot water high-pressure cleaners

Cleaning on construction sites or in agriculture is hard work. Our Middle Class hot water high-pressure cleaners are designed to do just that. They either come with first-rate accessories and ergonomic handling or with a focus on ultra-simple operation and a robust design – depending on requirements. In any case, they always offer high quality and maximum performance – with max. 210 bar of pressure and a flow rate of 1000 l/h. These are the new Middle Class machines.

Kärcher  Compact Class

Compact Class

Innovative technology – easy handling: the compact class features one-button operation, chassis with integrated tank and on-board high-pressure hose drum.

Kärcher  Upright Class

Upright Class

These powerful and robust machines stand out due to their manoeuvrability and easy transport. This makes the upright class an economical alternative for diverse workshops, small garages and cleaning service providers.

Kärcher  Combustion Engine

Combustion Engine

Where there is no power source, high pressure cleaners with combustion engine – with optional biodiesel operation – offer maximum versatility and independence.

Kärcher  HDS Trailer

HDS Trailer

The all-round mobile and self-contained solution for professional use in local authorities, construction and industry. Configurable, highly efficient, reliable and easy to use. The 500 litre water tank and 100 litre fuel tank on board allow for up to 60 minutes of stand-alone use without connecting to electricity or water supplies.

Heat is a key factor for more hygiene

The use of detergents and disinfectants plays an important role in cleaning processes. What many do not know: Hot water and steam also make a significant contribution and can therefore also help to combat germs, bacteria and viruses.

A study by the Thuringian State Office for Agriculture* showed that water temperature has a major impact on reducing germs and bacterial colonies. At 60˚C water temperature the number of bacterial colonies is already reduced by up to 90%. Under steam stage (155˚C) even an almost complete reduction could be achieved under the test conditions.

In order to support the contribution of hot water, the addition of disinfectant by the high-pressure cleaner is recommended.

* [Agricultural Manager March 2015]


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