Hot Water Pressure Cleaners

Wide range of hot water pressure cleaners to suit industries such as construction, farming, contract cleaning and transport. 

  • Patented EASY!Force trigger gun - zero holding force required while pressure washing.
  • Steam capabilities on certain models - help combat germs and viruses.
  • Tackle the harder jobs more quickly with hot water.

Benefits of Hot Water Pressure Cleaners

  • Faster results & shorter drying times - hot water quickly loosens and dissolves dirt, solidified oils and fats providing a time saving of up to 35%. As well as being cost-effective and economical, surfaces that are cleaned with hot water dry faster enabling them to be used sooner.
  • Germ-reducing effect without cleaning agents - cleaning with hot water significantly reduces the presence of germs without the need for disinfectants. This helps to protect the environment, as well as saving money and resources.
  • Protection of surfaces - achieve the same cleaning effect and protect sensitive surfaces by cleaning using a lower working pressure.
Hot Water Pressure Cleaner

Where Can I Use A Hot Water Pressure Cleaner?

Hot water pressure cleaners are ideal for a wide range of industries such as construction, farming & agriculture, automotive workshops and even transport & logisitics.

Hot water pressure cleaners for construction


Hot water pressure cleaners for automotive workshops

Automotive workshops

Hot water pressure cleaners for farms

Farms & agriculture

Hot water pressure cleaner for trucks

Transport & logistics

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