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Kärcher Window Vac's allow you to clean windows, glass & mirrors streak & drip free. Their battery-powered, handheld nature ensure a simple and easy clean anywhere around the house. 

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The battery-powered window vac at a glance



First of all, moisten the window with detergent, ideally with the spray bottle from the WV 2 Plus/WV 2 Premium battery-powered window vac kit.



Then remove the dirt (on the window) with the microfibre wiper or a cloth.

WV vac


Finish by vacuuming up the dirty water with the battery-powered window vac – done! And the surrounding area? Perfectly clean and not a single drop of water.

The perfect duo - our new WV 6 & KV 4 Cordless All-Surface Cleaner

More compact, handier and lighter.

Remove the need to spray and wipe with the KV 4 Cordless All-Surface Cleaner - then easily vacuum up any water without a spill for a streak free clean.

Dynamic LED run-time function makes it the most innovative Window Vac yet. 

Where can I use my window vac?

window cleaning


Cleaning windows has never been easier.

Simply spray, wipe then vacuum away all the dirty water.

The Window Vac can be used to clean the inside and outside of your windows.

Mirror cleaning


Cleaning mirrors can be tricky, but with the Kärcher Window Vac you can easily clean toothpaste, fingerprints & watermarks streak-free.

Shower cleaning

Shower Screens

Perfect for preventing the build-up of limescale in and around your shower.

Once finished in the shower simply grab your Kärcher Window Vac and vacuum the remaining moisture from your shower screen and tiles.

condensation cleaning


You can also use the Window Vac to remove excess moisture & avoid the build up of limescale & mould.

spill cleaning


Spill a drink? Don't worry - the Kärcher Window Vac can also be used to clean small spills on hard surfaces!


Tile cleaning


Cleaning smudges off your tiles with hardly any effort using the Window Vac.

Equipment and accessories

The new WV 2 Plus battery-powered window vac set provides you with everything you need for the entire cleaning process. With battery-powered window vac, spray bottle plus microfibre cloth and powerful window cleaner concentrate.

If you choose the WV 2 Premium set you can clean even lattice windows and narrow areas with the narrow vacuum nozzle.

Extension kit for high windows
The optional extension kit makes cleaning high windows a breeze.

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Where can I buy a Kärcher Window Vac?

Retailer search

Retailer Search

Our Window Vac is available at a range of leading retailers as well as Kärcher Centers across Australia.

You can find your closest Kärcher retailer by using our retailer search function here. 

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Online Shop

Most of our Window Vac models are available on our online shop.

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