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In our Kärcher Battery Power+ platform, all Kärcher 36 and 18 volt machines can use one and the same battery. That way, you're always ready for cleaning and maintenance jobs – indoors and outdoors. Benefit from reliable runtimes and more productivity. Cordless freedom in all applications – from aeroplane interior cleaning to green space maintenance.

Demanding tasks call for efficient solutions: Kärcher Battery Power+

Professionals look for top performance. With Kärcher, they need only insert the battery and they're ready to go. Working with the 36 V and 18 V battery system gives you unlimited power, complete safety and maximum compatibility.

18 V Kärcher Battery Power+

The 18 V Kärcher Battery Power+ battery platform is the energy source for compact and easy-to-use products for cleaning in the target groups building service providers, trade and automotive. Kärcher Battery Power+ exchangeable batteries offer extra-long runtimes with a capacity of 18 V / 3.0 Ah.

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36 V Kärcher Battery Power+

The 36 V Kärcher Battery Power+ battery platform offers ample power for powerful devices for cleaning large areas and for professional green area maintenance. The machines in this platform are compatible with all high-performance 36 V Kärcher Battery Power+ batteries in 6.0 and 7.5 Ah, as well as the 36 V Kärcher Battery Power batteries (2.5 Ah or 5.0 Ah). With one battery you can switch between operating Kärcher battery-powered machines such as lawn trimmer, high-pressure cleaner or hedge trimmer, wet and dry vacuum cleaner and dry vacuum cleaner. For the highest requirements of flexibility, mobility and power.

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Real time at last: our Real Time Technology

The unique Real Time Technology from Kärcher allows users to schedule their time efficiently. Unlike standard LED indicators, the easy-to-read display gives detailed information about the operating and charging states.

Remaining runtime in minutes

Remaining runtime in minutes

Always up to date: with our smart display, you can keep a close eye on your battery runtime at all times. Because thanks to the precise indication of the remaining runtime, you always know when the battery needs to be replaced or charged. The runtime varies depending on the machine.

Battery capacity as a percentage

Battery capacity as a percentage

Everything under control at all times: everyone is ready – but is the battery? The display can even show the battery capacity percentage when the battery is in storage. This means the capacity is always visible and you're never unexpectedly faced with an empty battery.

Charging the battery

Remaining charging time in minutes

Everything planned to a tee: even the most powerful battery needs a break now and then – so it's good to be able to factor this into your plans. While the battery is charging, it's easy to see how much charging time is remaining. This allows you to estimate exactly when your battery is ready for use again.

Full power without a socket: Kärcher Battery Power+

Our battery-powered machines offer maximum freedom of movement and complete portability without compromising on performance. Our high-performance lithium-ion cells and perfectly tailored electronics make the batteries of the Kärcher Battery Power+ platform particularly powerful. Thanks to the innovative Real Time Technology from Kärcher, you can plan your operations with precision, since the integrated display shows you the battery status, charge status and remaining charging time to the nearest minute.


1. Splash-proof
The battery is ready for almost anything, thanks to IPX5 protection against water jets.

2. LCD screen with Real Time Technology
The integrated LCD screen shows either the charging state, the remaining runtime or the remaining charging time.

3. Powerful lithium-ion cells
Guarantee consistent performance with low self-discharge and no memory effect.

4. Intelligent cell monitoring
Promotes the longevity of your battery and protects against overload, overheating and deep discharge.

5. Extreme robustness
Because professionals work their equipment hard, the housing of the Kärcher batteries is ultra shock-resistant.

6. Intelligent battery management
Maximum performance is guaranteed even in power-intensive applications.

When technology thinks for itself – machine communication
The batteries of the Kärcher Battery Power+ platform communicate with the machine they are powering. This means information can be read from the battery and displayed on any interface on the machine itself, even when the battery is fitted at a position that is difficult to view.

A joy to use and comfortable too – the handling
It's just a detail, but it's the details that matter. Soft, flexible components are integrated for easy handling and good grip. Not an important technological feature for a battery, but a clear advantage for professional users.

Reducing emissions – the carbon footprint
One compatible battery = fewer batteries overall. Thanks to the flexible application of the rechargeable batteries in different Kärcher 36-volt machines, you can save resources and, therefore, CO2. Plus, battery-powered machines produce less noise pollution as well as better air quality and lower emissions.


The products from the Kärcher Battery Power+ battery platform

Battery-powered high-pressure cleaners

Battery-powered high-pressure cleaners

Full power even without a power cable: The battery-powered high-pressure cleaner from Kärcher delivers an impressive professional performance anywhere where a job needs to be done quickly. With no need to stretch out power cables before you start, you save valuable minutes setting up. Make your cleaning tasks completely flexible, safe and reliable with high battery power and zero-emissions operation.

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Battery-operated dry vacuum cleaners

Battery-operated dry vacuum cleaners

No cable, no limit! With cordless functionality, a large working radius and increased productivity, our cordless vacuum cleaners are a valuable addition to the team. Delivering an impressive 64 minutes of operation on a single charge, it will take your efficiency to a whole new level. Our experience shows that in locations such as hotels or offices, flexible battery-operated vacuum cleaners increase efficiency by up to 30 percent – making them a truly worthwhile investment.

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Battery-powered scrubber dryers

Battery-powered scrubber dryers

Get to where you need to clean with our flexible battery-powered scrubber dryers. In busy and heavily furnished areas, the Kärcher battery-powered scrubber dryers really come into their own. The fast charging cycles and extra-quiet noise level during operation make our battery-operated scrubber dryers a favourite for areas where customers are present.

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Battery-powered carpet vacuum sweepers

Battery-powered carpet vacuum sweepers

The red-carpet treatment: Much like A-list celebrities, carpets demand special care and attention. Kärcher's battery-powered carpet vacuum sweepers can be easily transported wherever they're needed and used over a large area without any tangled cables. Cleaning 1800 square metres and providing up to 60 minutes runtime on a single charge, they deliver maximum efficiency. The machine adjusts to different carpet types, helping to keep carpets looking their best for longer.

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Battery-powered wet and dry vacuum cleaners

Battery-powered wet and dry vacuum cleaners

Virtually nothing is missed: Our battery-powered Kärcher wet and dry vacuum cleaner picks up liquids, coarse dirt and fine dust. A flexible cordless solution that can be used wherever you might need to clean. The compact dimensions and low weight make it easy to handle, even in confined spaces and high-traffic areas.

Battery-powered wet and dry vacuum cleaners
Battery-powered spray extraction machines

Battery-powered spray extraction machines

When it comes to flexibility and reliability, a battery-powered spray extraction machine leaves nothing to be desired. They can be used to clean a wide variety of surfaces and textiles, such as carpets, floor coverings, chairs, lounge sofas or beanbags, thoroughly yet gently. Ready for use anywhere and 100% flexible, Kärcher's mobile spray extraction machine guarantees maximum portability and effective dirt removal.

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Battery-powered garden tools

Outside, we're getting down to business! With our battery-powered garden tools, professionals have everything they need to tend to green spaces, be it a small front garden or a large park. One battery for all machines – from leaf blowers and hedge trimmers to chainsaws, brush cutters, line trimmers and lawn mowers. Complete freedom, portability and safety – our battery-powered machines are good for your projects and good for your health, since they emit no exhaust fumes, perform with virtually no vibrations and produce little noise.

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