Kärcher's Pressure Washer range is ideal for cleaning cars, decks, pavers & many other outdoor areas. 

A diverse set of Pressure Washer accessories means we have the machine for every job around the home.

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What separates Kärcher Pressure Washers from the competition?

When comparing pressure washers, it's easy to only look at the PSI when determining the value. However, there are numerous important parts that contribute to a pressure washer's performance. Below you can see what needs to be considered when you're comparing your next pressure washer purchase. These include:

  • Patented pump technology
  • Accessory range that suits ALL old or new products.
  • Nozzle technology
  • Industry leading warranty. 
  • Service agent network & access to spare parts. 
  • Brushless water-cooled motors.


Pump Technology

Pressure washers can come with various types of pumps and over time, these pumps corrode - effectively putting an expiry date on them. Kärcher builds it's Home & Garden pressure washer range (from K2-K4) with N-Cor pump technology made of polyamide micro fibre which are completely non-corrosive. This is patented technology - meaning Kärcher is the only brand in Australia with completely non-corrosive pumps. 

Our K5 range is made with bi-functional pump technology that is a cross with polyamide glass fibre & aliminium and our K7 range is made purely with aliminium. This is due to the extreme pressure that these higher end machines generate. 

The aliminium used in Kärcher's aliminium pumps have only tiny amounts of copper, improving their longevity & ensuring their high performance versus competitors. 

N Cor pump

Accessories Range

The goal of cleaning is to do the best job as quickly as possible. To do this, accessories can be used to increase the speed & effectiveness of the job.

Kärcher offers the widest range of pressure washer accessories on the market & most of these accessories can be used on any of our electric pressure washers. This accessory range transforms your pressure washer into an entirely different machine, dependant on what you are trying to clean. 

Our unique accessory range includes:

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Roof gutter cleaners
  • An array of patio cleaners, varying in size
  • Wash brushes for cars and bikes
  • Foam jets that connect to the trigger gun
  • And many others

The cartoon on the right demonstrates the wide range of cleaning tasks that our accessory range can target around the home. Each of which would be a harder job with a stand alone pressure washer & regular trigger gun. 

The beauty of the Kärcher pressure washer accessory range is that all of our accessories are suitable for old or new machines. Through the use of an adaptor, we make sure that the unit you purchased years ago is still capable of utilising the newest innovation in our accessory range!

Pressure washer accessories

Nozzle Technology

The nozzle technology could be the most important thing to consider when comparing pressure washers. A pressure washer could be built with the best mechanics & functionality on the market, but if you have poor nozzle technology you will not get a good cleaning result. 

Consider the video here on the left, Kärcher conducted a study using some similar competitor pressure washer models along with our own with an abrasion board machine. The gun is set to the same height and all pressure washers tested are in fixed positions. 

As you can see, the Kärcher tested abrasion board provides not only a wider clean strip, but also a more concentrated result right to the edges. This means the water pressure is remaining consistent right to the edge of the cleaned area and not only in the middle. 

From the results of the abrasion board tests, it goes without saying that the nozzle technology makes a big impact on the effectiveness of the clean. A pressure washer with similar PSI does not necessarily mean an identical clean - the nozzle technology will always impact the end cleaning result. 

If the end goal of cleaning is doing a better job quicker, then the nozzle technology must be considered crucial in your choice of purchase. 

Using a Pressure Washer During Water Restrictions

Did you know that you don't have to miss out on using your high pressure cleaner even if you're in areas effected by Stage 2 water restrictions. 

A Kärcher pressure washer can actually syphon water out of a bucket or a rain water tank to clean up around the home. A simple suction hose can be used to extract water out of the bucket and be used by your unit. 

Most rain water tanks have standard tap fittings. You can connect your Kärcher pressure washer to it with a garden hose as you normally would with a mains tap. If your tank doesn't have a tap fitting, you can also place a suction hose into the top of your tank and syphon water as you would from a bucket. 

Not only do these methods allow you still be able to use your Kärcher during water restrictions, but they actually save the water while doing so, meaning you can clean smart!

View our complete water savings guide here.


100% of our pressure washers are quality tested before they leave the factory.


Water is usually supplied at 4 bar out of a garden tap, Kärcher power washers can provide up to 160 bar pressure.


Water is ejected through a small high-pressure nozzle as a concentrated jet with a high cleaning effect, therefore you use less water.

clean faster

The patented Kärcher nozzle technology suited to each individual model makes it possible to save up to 50% cleaning time when compared to the competition.

*Figures are based on studies conducted in Germany.

Application areas for pressure washers

Pressure washers are the most effective way to clean outdoors and are extremely easy to use: connect the device to the water supply and power outlet, turn on the tap, switch on the pressure washer and let the cleaning fun begin! With matching special accessories, the devices are transformed into real all-rounders: whether for wet blasting, pipe cleaning, terrace cleaning or gutter cleaning, the application possibilities are virtually unlimited. On top of that, the water pressure is always greatest in the immediate vicinity of the nozzle. This means that stubborn dirt is cleaned away more easily with lower nozzle clearance. The clearance is increased accordingly for light dirt and sensitive surfaces. Our practical examples show how you can achieve the best results with your pressure washer.

Pressure washers offer the right solution for every cleaning task!

Experience shows that common application areas in the home and garden are:

  • bicycles
  • garden machines and tools
  • garden/terrace/balcony furniture
  • fences and smaller garden paths or paving
  • motorcycles and scooters
  • small cars
  • outside staircases and larger garden paths
  • mid-range and estate cars
  • garden walls and stone walls
  • camper vans and off-road vehicles
  • swimming pools and large patio areas
  • all cleaning tasks on the house and facades
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See below for some examples of possible applications:

Mossy paving

Since moss not only forms a thick layer on paved surfaces, but remains in the pores of the paving stones, the dirt blaster is used to remove moss. It produces a rotating jet, which combines the cleaning power of a concentrated jet with the area performance of a flat stream. Hold the high-pressure jet vertically to the paved surface and slowly clean from one edge of the moss-covered area to the other at a distance of around 20 to 30 cm.

db 180


Kärcher special accessories and cleaning agents ensure thorough and gentle vehicle care. To make your vehicle sparkle in just a few simple steps, and ensure that it stays that way, first remove coarse dirt with a high-pressure jet, then spray Kärcher insect remover onto the radiator grille, bumper and windscreen. Spray Kärcher rim cleaner onto the wheel rims. Cover the vehicle with the cleaning agent function or the special foam jet with Kärcher car shampoo and allow to work in. Finally, clean your vehicle with the power brush from top to bottom in order to make optimal use of the cleaning agent's power.



Our T-Racer terrace cleaners ensure optimum cleaning results with a gentle action, even over large areas. The innovative combination of height-adjustable propellers and two high-pressure nozzles create a hovercraft effect which allows the T-Racer to hover above the ground. An integrated protective guard protects the propeller and high-pressure nozzles from damage from small stones. The device delivers a higher cleaning performance and uniform cleaning results. The casing prevents splashback, thereby protecting both you and the walls from spray.

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Garden machines

Say goodbye to scrubbing! Dirt and earth can be removed efficiently from plant and flower pots, spades, shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, etc. in next to no time using a Kärcher pressure washer. The Vario Power and Multi Power Jet spray lances are particularly suited to this task. Working in the garden has never been easier!

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Garden furniture

Easily tackle unsightly marks on garden furniture – as a result of air pollution or the previous winter – with the Kärcher garden cleaning set. The Kärcher wash brush and detergent are recommended for cleaning stubborn dirt.

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Before cleaning close the shutters. Set the spray lance to low pressure and apply the cleaning agent. Start at the lowest section of the shutters. Leave the cleaning agent to work in for a few minutes so that the dirt is loosened completely. Remove the dissolved dirt with the wash brush and finally rinse with the high-pressure jet.

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Performance classes.

The performance class is the key differentiator for pressure washers and the main parameter in terms of the cleaning time required. The right device makes cleaning considerably easier. Different technical features, which are fine-tuned in line with the cleaning requirements, are linked to the different performance classes to make work even easier and more efficient.

The right performance class for all your needs

The cleaning performance of a pressure washer is determined by how the water pressure and water volume are used in combination. The better these two factors are aligned, the easier it is to remove stubborn dirt and the quicker large surface areas can be cleaned. Kärcher puts its devices into specific performance classes based on different cleaning requirements. The larger the surface area to be cleaned and/or the more stubborn the dirt, the higher the performance class recommended. To clean large surface areas such as façades, a K6 device with matching accessories is recommended. As well as offering better performance, higher unit classes also offer other practical functions. These include longer hose lengths for a considerably extended working radius and better hose quality to improve twist resistance and flexibility. This ensures short set-up times and considerably more comfort, especially in the case of frequent use.

How does a pressure washer work?

Pressure in a normal household water supply is around 4 bar. Water supplied into the pressure washer via a garden hose, passes through a booster pump which generates water pressure of up to 160 bar. The water is ejected through a small high-pressure nozzle as a concentrated jet with a high cleaning effect.

Water savings

Easy on the environment, and your pocket

K2 – K6 class pressure washers are all capable of being operated with an alternative water source. The device simply draws the water from any available water reservoir (e.g. a water butt). This saves valuable drinking water and is environmentally friendly. A further advantage is that independence from the water mains affords greater flexibility and increases the working radius.

alternative water source

Designed for maximum efficiency.

For over 60 years, Kärcher has been perfecting the art of high-pressure cleaning and is constantly in the spotlight on account of its outstanding innovations. More than 1,300 patents and utility models are evidence of the company's inventive spirit and make Kärcher the world's leader. Our focus is always on the needs of our customers.

Particularly powerful

The rotating high-pressure jet combines the power of a narrow jet with the area performance of a flat stream. Thanks to their patented nozzle technology, Kärcher's dirt blasters outperform the competition and enable faster and more efficient cleaning thanks to maximum stripping performance.


Reliable brand quality

As the global market leader we offer the most reliable pressure washers on the market. For over 75 years, Kärcher has stood for quality and innovation that is "Made in Germany". We manufacture all of our devices in our own factories to the highest production standards. Before the products leave the factory, they are fully tested for their functionality and performance. That is why we can always guarantee to our customers that they are purchasing perfect products, which speak for themselves in terms of their performance capabilities and long service life.

Full control

Accessories and cleaning agents.

The whole package counts. With the right combination of device, accessories and cleaning agent, even the most stubborn dirt won't stand a chance. The right accessories increase the cleaning possibilities significantly and make the cleaning even more effective, efficient and comfortable.

Pressure washer accessories

Kärcher offers a wide range of accessories and cleaning agents. This allows us to solve every cleaning problem, no matter how specific. Our accessories can be connected effortlessly to any pressure washer with the simple bayonet system.

Standard accessories

When you buy a Kärcher pressure washer, the basic accessories – Vario Power spray lance, a dirt blaster, high-pressure gun, high-pressure hose and a water filter – are already included.

Accessory kits

Your device can be equipped with an additional car kit or home kit on request so that you can fulfil your individual cleaning needs for car and home in a targeted way. The car kit, for example, includes a wash brush, foam brush and car cleaning agent. The home kit includes surface cleaner as well as a special cleaning agent.


Special accessories

With Kärcher special accessories, available separately, you can increase the functionality of your pressure washer even further and solve all your cleaning needs. Surface cleaner, for example, enables quick, efficient and splash-free cleaning of all outside surfaces.

Pressure washer cleaning agents

The new generation of Kärcher cleaning agents is creating quite a stir with their 3-in-1 active principle. As well as perfect cleaning effect, these new multi-talented products provide gentle care and reliable protection, saving the operator lots of time and effort. By using renewable and natural resources, Kärcher is also placing an even stronger emphasis on sustainability. What's more, the smart bottle design is a winner too. Whether it is for connection (Plug 'n' Clean), for filling the detergent tank or as a container for suction via the detergent suction hose, the new detergents are universally suitable for all Kärcher pressure washers.

In our cleaning agent finder you will find the right cleaning agent for your Kärcher pressure washer.