Introducing the first app connected pressure washers - Kärcher Smart Control range.

Kärcher Smart Control


The first app-connected pressure washer. Our Smart Control range boasts cutting-edge technology, allowing you to control your pressure washer using the Kärcher Home & Garden app. Switch between the Soft, Medium & Hard pressure settings using the + & – buttons on your trigger gun or you can use your app to easily change the pressure settings on your machine, including the brand new Boost Mode, giving you an extra burst of pressure.

Clean like an expert with the Home & Garden App

By simply connecting your Smart Control pressure washer to the Kärcher Home & Garden app on your smartphone, cleaning becomes that bit more effortless and efficient. The app's application advisor feature gives practical tips and tricks for any cleaning situation, helping you to understand what accessories and pressure level is best suited for task at hand.

Activate Boost Mode

Smart Control models contain an integrated Boost Mode for an extra burst of power (additional 220psi!!), perfect for those stubborn, hard to remove stains. Boost Mode can be activated by the trigger gun or the Home & Garden app and gives the pressure washer 30 seconds of increased pressure.

Everything You Need Is Included

With innovative technology such as the Smart Control gun, the 3-in-1 Multi Jet spray lance and the Plug 'n' Clean cleaning agent system, you can face any cleaning challenge with ease. Smart Control Models also come equipped with an integrated hose reel, meaning you won't get tangled up whilst cleaning.

Powerful & Effective

Kärcher's pressure washers save up to 3,100 litres per hour compared to cleaning with a hosepipe and thus use around 80% less water. Our pressure washers are characterised by their high-performance cleaning rate and fundamentally lower energy consumption, meaning they are more than efficient. This means that cleaning is quick and saves time – and therefore also water and energy.

Karcher Pressure Washer Car Washing Brush


Power Control

Our Power Control pressure washers put the power of cleaning into your hands. Easily select the desired power setting using the LED display on the trigger gun. Power Control models also come equipped with a Dirt-blaster lance which enables a more powerful clean for all the stubborn mess you tackle.

Karcher Pressure Washer Detergent Plug n Clean

Detergent Solutions

Power Control machines come equipped with different options that help you to integrate detergent whilst you clean. Our Plug 'n' Clean feature allows you to simply 'plug' cleaning agent directly into your pressure washer meaning it is automatically and efficiently applied whilst you clean.

Karcher Pressure Washer Quick Connect System

Quick Connect-System

The integrated Quick Connect-System allows you to quickly and easily connect the high pressure hose to the trigger gun and the machine as well as helping easy accessory storage.

Karcher Pressure Washer Telescopic handle

Telescopic Handle

Power Control models come equipped with a high-quality aluminium telescopic handle, meaning you can easily transport and store your pressure washer.

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