Battery-operated dry vacuum cleaners

Mains-operated machines reach as far as the end of the cable. Our battery-operated dry vacuum cleaners can go anywhere. 
No winding and unwinding. No pulling along. No getting caught. No searching for and constantly changing sockets. No cable, but up to 23 percent time savings with increased productivity.

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Independent performance. No compromise.

You have everything you need with our battery operated dry vacuum cleaners. Top performance and cleaning quality. All these machines easily compete with comparable mains-operated dry vacuum cleaners. No power cable – it only gets in the way. No more plugging in/unplugging. Our new battery- operated dry vacuum cleaner T 9/1 Bp runs for 24 minutes on one charge and for 46 minutes in eco!efficiency mode. Our backpack vacuum BV 5/1 Bp is unbeatable where space is tight: cinemas, buses, trains and aeroplanes. 

A fully charge is the key to relaxed working.

You will be equally impressed by the unobstructed cordless working as well as the superb mobility and flexibility, increased productivity with less effort and up to 23 percent time savings.


Full power requires no cable

Our BV 5/1 Bp offers the best cleaning performance on the market with the innovative 36 Volt battery. And this performance corresponds to the performance of comparable mains-operated dry vacuum cleaners. The only thing you sacrifice is the cable. And you get so much more in return.


Easy to use

With the control panel directly on the hip belt our backpack dry vacuum cleaner takes you into a new dimension of ergonomic operation. You control all functions practically from the hips without any work interruptions. And with the battery status indicator you know at any time how much reserve you have left.


Save energy and gain time

With battery-operated machines saving energy is twice as useful, for the environment and for a longer service life. In eco!efficiency mode the BV 5/1 Bp works with significantly less energy consumption, thus achieving considerably longer runtimes.


No more plugging in/unplugging

No matter how old or how skilled a person is, stooping down to plug and unplug power cables causes stress and strain on the body in the long run. Save yourself and your employees this strain.


Super powerful and forgetful

Our new BP 750 lithium-ion battery is in - credibly powerful and has no “memory effect”, i. e. it doesn’t remember how much it was charged. But it does show you on the charge level indicator.


From 0 to 100 in 60 minutes

Our BC 1/7 quick charger lives up to its name. With 290 Watt power instead of the previous 90 Watt, it charges every battery to full capacity in maximum 60 minutes. The BC 1/7 is compatible with batteries up to 36 Volt.

Real Time Technology

The unique Kärcher Real Time Technology offers users optimal orientation. Compared to traditional LED displays, the operating and charging states are displayed in detail.

Remaining runtime in minutes

Remaining runtime in minutes

When the machine is in operation the user is constantly aware of the remaining runtime and thus knows to the exact minute when the battery has to be changed or charged. The runtime is adapted depending on the machine.

Battery capacity as a percentage

Battery capacity as a percentage

The battery capacity can be read at a glance.

Remaining charging time in minutes

Remaining charging time in minutes

During the charging process the remaining charging time is shown on the display. This means the user knows exactly when he can start working again.

Kärcher Battery Power+ – super intelligent and perfectly safe

High-performance lithium-ion cells, as well as perfectly coordinated electronics, make Kärcher batteries especially powerful.

Without any annoying cable, battery-powered machines offer maximum freedom of movement and are ready for use in an instant. Thanks to the innovative Kärcher Real Time Technology, the battery state can be checked at any time at a glance: the integrated LC display shows how many minutes of work can still be carried out with the current battery. And in the battery charger the battery display shows exactly how long the remaining charging time is in minutes.

Kärcher Battery Power+ Akku


1. Splash-proof
The battery is protected from water jets in accordance with IPX5.

2. LC display with Real Time Technology
The integrated LC display shows either the charging state, the remaining runtime or the remaining charging time.

3. Powerful lithium-ion cells
Guarantee consistent performance with low self-discharge and no memory effect.

4. Intelligent cell monitoring
Protects against overload, overheating and deep discharge.

5. Extreme robustness
The housing of the Kärcher batteries is very shock-resistant.

6. Efficient temperature management
Maximum performance is assured during high-power applications with efficient heat buffering and intelligent battery management.


When technology thinks for itself – the machine communication.
The batteries of the Kärcher Battery Power+ platform are designed so that they can communicate with the machine that they operate. This means information can be read from the battery and displayed on any interface in the machine, even if the battery is fitted at a position that is difficult to view.

Pleasant and comfortable – the handling.
It is only one detail, but it is of great importance. Soft, flexible components are integrated, which ensure easy handling and good grip. Not an important technological feature for a battery, but an obvious advantage for the professional user.


Battery-powered backpack dry vacuum cleaner BV 5/1 Bp