Dry vacuum cleaners

Compact and whisper quiet: compact, mobile Kärcher commercial vacuum cleaners have been specially designed to meet the needs of professional customers. Kärcher commercial dry vacuum cleaners has been designed with eco!efficiency to save electricity while maintaining a high performance.

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Kärcher  Carpet vacuum sweeper

Carpet vacuum sweeper

Carpet cleaners impress professionals such as building cleaners just as much as people cleaning their own homes, with the best results for economical cleaning of medium-sized and large undisguised carpet surfaces.

Kärcher  Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Dry Vacuum Cleaners

These versatile whisper quiet dry vacuum cleaners with eco!efficiency save electricity, have a high area performance, are versatile and suitable for different floor coverings. Durable fleece filters ensure consistently high suction power.

Kärcher  Upright Brush Type Vacuum Cleaners

Upright Brush Type Vacuum Cleaners

Kärcher brush vacuum cleaners use powerful suction and the cleaning action of an electric brush. They effortlessly remove stubborn dirt particles from the fibres.

Kärcher  Battery powered Vacuum Cleaners

Battery powered Vacuum Cleaners

Cordless flexibility, powerful cleaning performance, increased productivity and also especially low-noise operation: The new battery powered dry vacuum cleaners from the Kärcher Battery Power+ platform with energy-saving eco!efficiency mode.