How to Clean a BBQ | Tips & Tricks for the Grill, Hotplate and Hood

BBQ's can be difficult to clean when grease and burn marks build up over time on the grill and inderneath the hood.

Below we give you a step by step guide, along with an instructional video to show you how you can easily clean your entire BBQ with a Kärcher SC 3 EasyFix Steam Cleaner.

BBQ Cleaning

Step 1

Fill the steam cleaner with tap water through the top of the machine.


Step 2

Plug the machine's power cord into the wall and turn the machine on using the switch on the machine. (The machine will heat up in as little as 30 seconds).


Step 3

If we start with the grill and hotplate, we should attach the small brush head with the bristles on the steam cleaner. The bristles allow for extra abrasion when scrubbing the grill, allowing us to more easily remove burn marks and grease.


Step 4

Open the hood of the BBQ to begin. Steam the areas of the grill and hotplate you are wanting to clean while simultaneously scrubbing the area the with brush head. This will loosen all the burn marks, fat and grease. Then an old rag can be use to just wipe it all away. 

Continue this until the entire grill and hot plate are clean and rid of all grease and burn marks. 


Step 5 

Now we can clean the stainless still on the underneath of the hood. Similarly to the hotplate, using a brush head with bristles that comes with the steam cleaner will achieve the quickest results. 

The grease and marks will loosen easily which can then be wiped away with a rag.


Step 6

Now we can close the hood to clean the stainless steel on the outside, along with the knobs. For this we recommend using a brush head with a microfibre cloth. Using this method will allow you to loosen the marks on the outside by steaming the area and wiping it all away with the microfibre cloth at the same time which reduces your cleaning time. 

(It's best not to use the microfibre cloth on the hotplate and grill as it would become too dirty too quickly).


Step 7

Once this is all done, your can wipe the entire area on the outside with a clean rag for drying.

Then your done! A nice sparkling BBQ that has cleaned without any harmful chemicals.


Watch our "How to Clean an BBQ" instructional video below

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