How to Clean an Oven

See our how-to guide on how to deep clean both the inside and outside of your oven without the use of any harmful chemicals!

We know the inside of the oven such as the walls and the trays can be difficult to clean as food splatters dry and become hard to remove. 

Below we show you how you can use a Kärcher SC 3 EasyFix Steam Cleaner to clean both the inside and outside of the oven. The beauty of using a Kärcher Steam Cleaner is that it kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria without the use of detergent!

Step 1

Fill the steam cleaner with tap water through the top of the machine.


Step 2

Plug the machine's power cord into the wall and turn the machine on using the switch on the machine. (The machine will heat up in as little as 30 seconds).


Step 3

Connect the brush head with the microfibre cloth to the steam cleaner ready for cleaning. 


Step 4

Now you can open your oven and start using your steam cleaner to clean the inside. Press the trigger on the steam cleaner to start steaming whilst simultaneously scrubbing the areas that need cleaning such as the tray or walls. 

By doing this method, the steam will loosen the food scraps and grease stuck to the areas insider the oven and the microfibre cloth will wipe it all away at the same time.


Step 5 (optional)

For cleaning every inch of the tray, it is recommended to use the small bristle brushes on the steam cleaner. Just detatch the larger brush head from the steam cleaner and connect the small bristled brush. This will allow for a tougher scrub and also allow you to get inside every nook and cranny. 


Step 6

For the glass on the insider, it is recommended to use the large brush head with the microfibre cloth as this will allow you to clean in the quickest amount of time.


Step 7

Clean the stainless steel and knobs on the outside oven using the microfibre cloth head. This will ensure no scratching. 

For the glass on the outside, you can also use our Steam Cleaner Window Nozzle accessory. This will give a nice streak free finish to the outside of the oven and also remove any unwanted marks. 


Then you're done! A nice clean oven that has been entirely deep cleaned.


Watch our "How to Clean an Oven" instructional video below

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