Submersible Pumps

Our submersible pump range is ideal for draining both clean and dirty water.

  • Prepare for floods - put a submersible pump in a pit around your home to prevent flooding.
  • Drain flood houses, pools & ponds around the home.
  • Drain pits around building sites - limit your downtime!


Submersible Pumps
Max. flow rate (Litres per hour)
Delivery head (Metre)
230833 (Bar)
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How do Submersible Pumps work?

Submersible pumps works differently than garden transfer pumps or pressure pumps, in that they do not need to be connected to their water source. They are simply submersed into the water and work by pumping that water through a hose to an external source. 

The on / off operation is controlled by either an adjustable float switch or a level sensor, depending on the model. When these come into contact with water, the pump is turned on. The submersible pump range can also be changed to non-stop pumping mode is desired.

The Kärcher range can drain water right down to 25mm - 35mm deep. 

Where can I use my Submersible Pump?

Flooded Houses

Houses can become flooded for a number of reasons. Appliance and plumbing leaks and also torrential rain can cause a great deal of internal damage to the house due to flooding which needs to be dealt with quickly.

Kärcher's submersible pumps are great for both draining the flooded areas and being kept handy just in case floods do occur.

submersible pumps for flooded houses

Draining Pools

Pools around the home need to be drained at times when water needs to be replaced, broken glass is in the pool or even if the pool is being removed or filled.

Submersible pumps are the most efficient way of draining the pool. They are simply submersed into the water so it can be pumped out via the hose. Depending on the volume of water, most pools can be fully drained in just a few hours. 

karcher submersible pump for pool drainage

Draining Ponds

Like pools, ponds need to be drained if water needs to be replaced or if the ground is being refilled.

Kärcher's submersible pump range can also be used to pump dirty water as they have filters to prevent clogging - so ponds are easily drained.

karcher submersible pump draining pond

Pits around building sites

Builders can often encounter problems when pits around their site have been filled with water due to overnight rain.

The Kärcher range of submersible pumps can quickly drain these flooded pits, preparing them for work. 

karcher submersible pump for building site

Why Kärcher Submersible Pumps?

5 year extended warranty karcher

The entire pumps range comes with an industry leading 5 year extended warranty.

karcher brushless motor

Brushless motors produce less friction and therefore last longer. 

The entire Kärcher pumps range are built with brushless motor technology.

karcher submersible pump adjustable float

Kärcher's submersible pumps have adjustable float switches or level sensors that control the on / off operation, making them easy to use even when they are out of reach.

karcher pumps non stop pumping mode

Our submersible pumps can also be used with non-stop pumping mode it is is preferred over the adjustable float / level sensor method.