Safe processes in the food industry

Clean production processes, guaranteed quality, optimal hygiene and the prevention of contamination are the decisive success factors in food processing. Large quantities of fine and explosive dust are generated here.

Kärcher IVC 60/30


  • Vacuuming food dust from, e.g., flour, sugar, baking powder, tobacco
  • Vacuuming liquid food scraps
  • Vacuuming food scraps with glass fragments
  • Integrated in maintenance cleaning or continuously in the production process


  • Various vacuuming jobs for dirt from food, dust (explosive, free-flying, adhesive, wet), greases, oils, proteins, liquids
  • Preventing the risk of dust explosions
  • Ruling out cross-contamination, bacterial contamination, changes in taste


  • Production processes are kept clean and downtimes are minimised
  • Reliable suction of explosive dust by machines with ATEX certification
  • Durable, reliable, compact and economical solutions
  • Effective filters and filter cleaning

Appropriate machines: