Kärcher Water Blaster Detergents

Designed to use with Home & Garden Kärcher Water Blasters.

Our environmentally-conscious, biodegradable solutions effortlessly handle diverse outdoor surfaces, guaranteeing outstanding and clean outcomes for your home and garden.

Kärcher offers an extensive selection of detergents tailored for various pressure cleaning tasks. Paired with our high-pressure water blasters, these detergents expedite dirt removal, enabling you to finish your cleaning job swiftly and efficiently.

Kärcher's range of detergents delivers best quality and affordability, substantially enhancing your cleaning capabilities without breaking the bank.

FJ10_Cleaning Agent

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Kärcher has a detergent to suit a wide variety of water blasting jobs. When used with our water blasters, detergents will help loosen dirt on any given area to allow you to complete your cleaning job in a quicker amount of time.

Kärcher's range of detergents are high quality, enviromentally friendly and cost effective, allowing you to significantly increase your cleaning performance for only a small cost.