Throw away the mop & bucket. Kärcher Floor Cleaners clean all hard floors with continous fresh water while saving up to 90% of water. Innovative design of two tank system and self cleaning function. 

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Parents & pet owners - can you relate?

For all the parents & pet owners out there, we know how hard it can be to keep the floors clean. Our Hard Floor Cleaner range can help! 

They are perfect for cleaning:

  • Drink spills on the floor
  • Small food scraps
  • Pet hair
  • Dirt and mud brought inside by the kids or your pets
  • Puppy wee on the floor
Kids FC5
Pets FC5

What's the difference between FC 3 and FC 5?

FC 3 Cordless

  • Lightweight for effortless manoeuvrability and easy cleaning
  • Remove food spillages and dried on liquid, perfect for general floor cleaning
  • Available in Cordless only
  • 90% water saving compared to a mop and bucket**

FC 5 Corded / Cordless

  • Remove dust & light debris and clean hard floors in one step 
  • Available in both Corded and Cordless
  • Larger water tanks
  • 50% time saving compared to conventional methods*
  • 85% water saving compared to a mop & bucket**

THE NEW WIPE-HYPE! For all models

Verschiedene Hartböden

Suitable for all hard floors

Whether it's stone, tile, parquet, laminate or vinyl: combined with Kärcher detergents and care agents

Always clean with fresh water

The dirty water is collected into the dirty water tanks as you clean, whilst the rollers stay moist with water and detergent from a separate clean water tank, ensuring your floors are always being cleaned properly.

FC Edge Cleaning

Perfectly clean corners and edges

The central roller drive ensures radiant results in corners and along edges.

FC 3 Rotation

Effortless application

No scrubbing, no wringing out, no bucket. Featuring 500 roller revolutions/min, self-cleaning function and fresh and dirty water tanks.

2 min dry

Quick dry time of 2 minutes

Thanks to the suctioning away dirty water, the hard floor cleaner leaves behind very little residual moisture, meaning that the wiped floor can be used again after less than 2 minutes.

Pair with our Biodegradable Floor Cleaning Detergents