Efficent Investment In Floor Cleaning

Investing in a floor cleaning machine needs to be worthwhile – and a Kärcher scrubber dryer delivers just that. How? Compared to manual cleaning, scrubber dryers reduce work and material costs yet increase cleaning quality at the same time.

Perfect for cleaning warehouses, workshops & many other commercial facilities.

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Kärcher  Compact/push scrubber driers

Compact/push scrubber driers

Developed for the fast and flexible cleaning of small to medium-sized areas like in restaurants, shops, kitchens, hotels and other highly frequented areas heavily-furnished: our push scrubber driers.

Kärcher  Ride-on/step-on scrubber driers

Ride-on/step-on scrubber driers

The ideal choice for cleaning large, sparsely furnished areas, such as in warehouses and production halls, shopping centres, car parks or airports. Here you also find our combined sweeper/scrubber drier machines.

Kärcher  Autonomous scrubber driers

Autonomous scrubber driers

The compact, manoeuvrable scrubber dryer robot is impressive, not only in environments where space is limited, but also over large areas, making it ideal for floor cleaning in the transport sector, retail units and shopping centres, healthcare settings, public buildings or for cleaning production and manufacturing halls in industry.

Kärcher  Other cleaning solutions

Other cleaning solutions

Whether it's single-disc and polishing machines for hard surface maintenance or solutions for very demanding cleaning tasks, like on stairs or escalators: our other cleaning solutions.

What is a scrubber dryer?

Kärcher scrubber dryers thoroughly remove dirt, dust and residues from hard floors in a single pass leaving surfaces instantly dry, clean and safe. From maintenance cleaning to deep cleaning, polishing and even stripping, a Kärcher scrubber dryer delivers outstanding cleaning performance, every time, improving health and safety in your business while increasing cleaning productivity.

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The cost-effective cleaning solution for any application

Compared to manual floor cleaning, scrubber dryers are quicker, more cost-effective and more thorough when it comes to cleaning all types of floors. A scrubber dryer saves you time and cleaning agents, and this protects employees as well as your purse. The machines are also easy to use and low-maintenance. We have the right design for each application, each one ideally suited to the type and size of your floor and your requirements. Whether it's a small business, pub or restaurant, a large supermarket or shopping centre, or a very large surface in an airport or production hall, scrubber dryers are the most efficient cleaning solution for all floors, whether it's 30 or 30,000 m² in size.

Which scrubber dryer for which floor?

Roller brush head for Kärcher scrubber dryers

A scrubber dryer with a roller brush head is especially suitable for extensive deep cleaning of structured and heavily soiled floors thanks to its high brush speeds and a higher contact pressure per cm². This brush head technology also offers substantial advantages when dealing with coarse dirt as the contra-rotating rollers absorb the particles, which are then fed back to the coarse dirt container. This means that pre-sweeping as a previous work step is no longer needed.

Disc brush head for Kärcher scrubber dryers

Scrubber dryers with disc brush heads are generally used for maintenance cleaning and light soiling. These floor cleaning machines are especially popular for smooth floors and noise-sensitive areas, such as in hospitals or the hotel and gastronomy sector.

So which scrubber dryer is the right one for you?

Our floor cleaning machines are available in different sizes and come with many configuration options for a wide range of applications – our specially developed accessories help you do more than just clean. Further special cleaning solutions and simpler scrubbers complete our range. Here you will not only find all the information on the individual categories, but also the scrubber dryer that is the right one for you in our product range.

Man seen cleaning a linoleum floor using a corded Kärcher scrubber dryer.

Which energy source for which scrubber dryer?

Depending on size and model, Kärcher's scrubber dryers are mains-operated, battery-powered or engine-driven. Here too the following applies: the application plays a key role in deciding what the most sensible drive technology is for you.

Available in the compact classes and in walk-behind scrubber dryers only, mains-powered (i.e. corded) machines are affordable and ideal for cleaning smaller indoor areas outside of business hours.

Battery-powered scrubber dryers offer maximum flexibility and prevent tripping hazards. Great and small: Kärcher offers battery-powered versions in every design.

We recommend our environmentally friendly combustion engine versions (diesel or LPG) for large outdoor or well-ventilated indoor areas. Combustion engine floor cleaning machines by Kärcher are only available in the ride-on scrubber dryer design.

Scrubber dryers with or without integrated traction drive?

Comfort, weight and user-friendliness are crucial factors in deciding whether the machine should be equipped with or without integrated traction drive. A lighter scrubber dryer with a tank volume of up to approx. 50 litres can easily be operated without traction drive. We recommend integrated traction drive on larger models as it is not possible to operate a machine of that size using your own body weight for longer periods of time without tiring.

Floor cleaning machines without traction motors use the rotation of the brushes to move the machine forwards. The amount of effort required by the operator to do so is kept to a minimum.

The active and adjustable traction motor on a floor cleaning machine with traction drive, on the other hand, moves the machine forwards, making very long periods of operation possible without tiring.

Man seen on a Kärcher ride-on scrubber dryer in a canteen
Man seen cleaning a laminate floor using a Kärcher walk-behind scrubber dryer

Scrubber dryers tailored to you

A Kärcher floor cleaning machine can also be used for special applications, such as crystallisation or coating removal, if equipped with the right accessories. As well as making sure that the availability of all wear parts is a given, we also offer an extensive range of pads, disc and roller brushes, suction lips, squeegees, batteries and battery chargers, equipping your machine for your exact cleaning requirements. Various attachment kits, such as our Home Base Kit, for easily transporting manual cleaning tools are also available. So you receive a scrubber dryer that is tailored to your exact needs.

The right cleaning agent for your scrubber dryer

Regardless of floor type, floor cleaning machine or level of dirt, Kärcher offers a breadth of cleaning agents developed to meet your various requirements perfectly. Not only economical in use and highly effective against every type of dirt, but also environmentally friendly and gentle enough to meet the latest standards in research, of course.

Kärcher scrubber dryer works up a lather on a linoleum floor
Man seen using scrubber dryer attachment kit for disinfecting surfaces using a spray.

Efficient germ reduction for increased hygiene requirements

Our attachment kit for scrubber dryers for disinfecting surfaces using a spray helps you achieve a whole new cleaning level with little money and material. Dispensing suitable disinfectant via the spray lance or hand nozzle can effectively reduce the number of germs on floors, walls and furniture. Observing applicable guidelines, it is possible to achieve professional spray disinfection using suitable disinfectant. The accessories are suitable for use in train stations, airports, offices and commercial buildings, retirement and care facilities, nurseries, schools, swimming pools and sports facilities. Retrofitting is currently possible for both the B 150 R and B 200 R scrubber dryers.

Efficiency of the future – Sweeping and scrubbing in one work step

Our scrubbers and vacuum sweepers clean confined spaces as well as large areas more efficiently.

  • Save time and costs
  • Clean large areas quickly and thoroughly
  • Effective against dirt
Scrubbers and vacuum sweepers for efficient cleaning.

Ride-on scrubber dryers with incredible manoeuvrability.

Now even better

Efficient, long-lasting and economical – the new B 110 R ride-on scrubber dryer now makes cleaning large areas, such as in supermarkets, airports and warehouses, even easier. Thanks to its updated components it now offers an even better cleaning result for maximum convenience.

Ride-on scrubber dryers with incredible manoeuvrability.

Brilliant outlook

Compact, manoeuvrable, convenient: our ride-on scrubber dryers can easily clean large areas starting from 1500 m² as found in warehouses, for example, car parks or shopping centres. The high seating position ensures a good overview of the areas to be cleaned at all times. However, should things ever get tight, the small turning circle ensures incredible manoeuvrability. Thanks to the clearly laid-out control panel, the machines are intuitive to operate – so just take a seat and off you go.

Quick and flexible cleaning with compact scrubber dryers.

Quick and flexible in no time at all

Obstacles and areas filled with objects are no longer a problem when cleaning: The compact scrubber dryers clean small to medium-sized areas, such as in restaurants, kitchens, shops and hotels, in an instant. Their manoeuvrability makes them easy to drive – even narrow passages can now be cleaned easily. The different models achieve optimal results on a wide variety of surfaces and bring back the shine to all floor coverings. Thanks to their suction lip technology, floors are not just clean, but also dry and can be walked on immediately afterwards.


Industrial floor scrubbers are heavy-duty cleaning machines designed to scrub and clean large floor areas efficiently, ideal for industrial settings like warehouses and factories.

Industrial floor scrubbers use rotating brushes or pads to scrub the floor surface, while simultaneously dispensing water and detergent and then vacuuming up the dirty water, leaving the floor clean and dry.

Scrubber driers, also known as scrubber dryers, are floor cleaning machines that combine scrubbing and drying functions in one pass, providing efficient cleaning and quick drying of floors.

Yes, industrial floor scrubbers are designed to be versatile and can typically be used on various floor types, including concrete, tile, vinyl, and hardwood.

Industrial floor scrubbers offer several advantages, including faster cleaning times, better cleaning results, reduced water usage, and improved safety by minimising slip hazards on wet floors.

Yes, some industrial floor scrubbers are designed for outdoor use, equipped with features such as all-terrain tyres and weather-resistant components to handle outdoor cleaning tasks effectively.

Consider factors such as the size and layout of the facility, floor type, cleaning frequency, and specific cleaning challenges when selecting an industrial floor scrubber.