Steam Cleaners

For hygienic, fast and effective cleaning all around the home. Kärcher steam cleaners ensure cleanliness in the entire household and your family can be sure that everything is cleaned fibre-deep – completely without chemicals. Thanks to the top cleaning performance, the steam kills 99.99%* of all bacteria and ensures maximum hygiene for a healthy living environment. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or on floors, Kärcher really goes full steam and delivers top results. Discover the diversity of possible applications now!

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Steam eliminates 99.99 % of all bacteria*

The most effective method of fighting bacteria is sometimes the easiest: steam! Kärcher steam cleaners eliminate 99.9%* of all common household bacteria on hard surfaces, tiles, bathrooms, mirrors and more. 

  • Forget detergents, clean all around your home with nothing but tap water
  • Elimination of 99.99%* of all common household bacteria on hard surfaces
  • More effective than traditional manual cleaning methods
  • High steam temperature, strong steam generation
  • Ideal for astmatics and allergy sufferers

* Thorough cleaning with the Kärcher steam cleaner removes 99.99% of all common household bacteria from common household hard surfaces.

Versatility with steam

Steam kills 99.99% of bacteria on floors

Floor cleaning

When cleaning hard floor surfaces such as stone, tiles, PVC, laminate or sealed parquet, Kärcher steam cleaners ensure maximum cleanliness and hygiene, without chemicals.


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Minimal effort, maximum clean

Kitchen cleaning

The Kärcher SC steam cleaner range ensures hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen. Ideal for tiles, benchtops, fittings and makes light work of traditionally difficult jobs like loosening stubborn baked-on dirt in the oven.

Superior clean without detergents

Bathroom cleaning

Great for effortlessly lifting grease and grime off bathroom surfaces. Clean tiles, mirrors, glass, baths and showers. A Kärcher steam cleaner is your one-stop solution for bathrooms - all without detergents or nasty chemicals.

Iron quickly: 50% time savings with steam

Steam ironing

The Kärcher SC steam pressure ironing system with high-quality steam irons, anti-stick ironing soleplate and the ironing board saves up to 50% ironing time with 100% ironing results and immediately cupboard-dry laundry. Note: Not available with all models.

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Accessories = extensive application potential

Make cleaning difficult areas easier and extend application potential around your home with accessories for your Kärcher steam cleaner.




Cloth kits


Accessory kits


Steam hoses


Brush attachments



You can also find suitable accessories for your device with our accessories finder.