Submersible pumps

Submersible pumps Kärcher submersible pumps are extremely robust and very long-lasting – even with demanding use in the private sector. This is made possible by a tried-and-trusted ceramic slide ring sealing used in professional applications, which is particularly hard-wearing. With our submersible pumps for dirty water, even contaminated, sludgy water can be conveyed easily from A to B at high pressure and a considerable delivery height. Flat-suction pumps can suck away clear or only slightly dirty water down to a level of just 1 mm. All that's left to do is wipe the surface dry. The new submersible flat-suction dirty water pump meets both challenges brilliantly.

Kärcher Submersible pumps
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Transfer pumps

Booster pumps The booster pumps from Kärcher are ideal for supplying your house and garden with well water, groundwater and rain water. Any home owner knows that water is becoming more and more expensive. So why not use low-cost water from alternative sources? High-quality booster pumps from Kärcher offer a solution for every application. Well water, groundwater, rain water and spring water can be used perfectly well in the washing machine, to flush the toilet and to water the garden. The result: a reliable supply of reclaim water – and a good conscience.

Kärcher Booster pumps
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