Unique Real Time Technology

Only one thing is better than lots of power: even more power. That's why we developed the Kärcher Battery Power+ batteries for the Kärcher 36 V battery platform. With greater capacity for a longer runtime and enhanced productivity.

Kärcher Battery Power+ : Lose the cord. Not the power.

Battery technology has been redesigned to create a range of innovative and sophisticated Professional products. Featuring Real Time Technology™ and extremely powerful lithium-ion batteries, the possibilities are endless. Whether it's vacuuming between the narrow seats on an aeroplane or blowing leaves at the school ground, Karcher's range of battery products provide flexibility to clean up without power cables.


36 V Kärcher Battery Power+

The machines in this platform are compatible with all high-performance 36 V Kärcher Battery Power+ batteries in 6.0 and 7.5 Ah. With one battery you can switch between operating Kärcher battery-powered machines such as the high-pressure cleaner or blower, wet and dry vacuum cleaner and dry vacuum cleaner. For the highest requirements of flexibility, mobility and power.

To the 36 V platform devices

Real Time Technology

The unique Kärcher Real Time Technology offers users optimal orientation. Compared to traditional LED displays, the operating and charging states are displayed in detail.

Remaining runtime in minutes

Remaining runtime in minutes

When the machine is in operation the user is constantly aware of the remaining runtime and thus knows to the exact minute when the battery has to be changed or charged. The runtime is adapted depending on the machine.

Battery capacity as a percentage

Battery capacity as a percentage

The battery capacity can be read at a glance.

Remaining charging time in minutes

Remaining charging time in minutes

During the charging process the remaining charging time is shown on the display. This means the user knows exactly when he can start working again.

Kärcher Battery Power+ – super intelligent and perfectly safe

High-performance lithium-ion cells, as well as perfectly coordinated electronics, make Kärcher batteries especially powerful.

Without any annoying cable, battery-powered machines offer maximum freedom of movement and are ready for use in an instant. Thanks to the innovative Kärcher Real Time Technology, the battery state can be checked at any time at a glance: the integrated LC display shows how many minutes of work can still be carried out with the current battery. And in the battery charger the battery display shows exactly how long the remaining charging time is in minutes.

Kärcher Battery Power+ Akku


1. Splash-proof
The battery is protected from water jets in accordance with IPX5.

2. LC display with Real Time Technology
The integrated LC display shows either the charging state, the remaining runtime or the remaining charging time.

3. Powerful lithium-ion cells
Guarantee consistent performance with low self-discharge and no memory effect.

4. Intelligent cell monitoring
Protects against overload, overheating and deep discharge.

5. Extreme robustness
The housing of the Kärcher batteries is very shock-resistant.

6. Efficient temperature management
Maximum performance is assured during high-power applications with efficient heat buffering and intelligent battery management.


When technology thinks for itself – the machine communication.
The batteries of the Kärcher Battery Power+ platform are designed so that they can communicate with the machine that they operate. This means information can be read from the battery and displayed on any interface in the machine, even if the battery is fitted at a position that is difficult to view.

Pleasant and comfortable – the handling.
It is only one detail, but it is of great importance. Soft, flexible components are integrated, which ensure easy handling and good grip. Not an important technological feature for a battery, but an obvious advantage for the professional user.

Products on the Kärcher Battery Power+ battery platform

Battery-powered backpack vacuum BV 5/1 Bp

Battery-powered backpack vacuum BVL 5/1 Bp

Our ultra-light, powerful and battery-powered backpack vacuum BVL 5/1 Bp allows cordless working with maximum mobility. It's made from extremely robust EPP material and weighs only 4.6kg! It's perfectly suited to cleaning the narrowest of spaces and comes with eco!efficiency mode for even longer applications. 

Battery Spray Extractor

Battery-powered spray extractor Puzzi 9/1 Bp

The Puzzi 9/1 Bp cordless spray extraction cleaner is the world's first professional battery powered spray extraction machine on the market, capable of cleaning upholstery and textile areas anywhere and at any time, with no reliance on external power sources. Thanks to the powerful 36 V Kärcher Battery Power+ battery, the robust cordless spray extraction cleaner has an unlimited operating radius for fibre-deep cleaning.

Scrubber Drier

Battery-powered floor scrubber BR 30/4 C Bp

Our battery powered BR 30/4 C Bp Pack scrubber drier is a real alternative to the manual cleaning of hard surfaces of up to 200 m² due to its compact shape, its very light weight of 14 kilograms and its long-lasting lithium-ion battery with a 30-minute run time. The contact pressure, which is ten times greater than that of a conventional wiping mop, and a roller speed of approximately 1,500 revolutions ensure significantly better cleaning results. 

Battery-operated dry vacuum cleaner T 9/1 Bp

Battery-powered dry vacuum cleaner T 9/1 Bp

The extremely powerful battery-powered dry vacuum cleaner T 9/1 Bp with eco!efficiency mode impresses with cleaning results at the standard of mains-operated dry vacuum cleaners. The quiet, robust, cordless vacuum cleaner with long-lasting, brushless motor.

Battery-powered wet and dry vacuum cleaner NT 22/1 Ap Bp

Battery-powered wet and dry vacuum cleaner NT 22/1 Ap Bp

Compact, light and versatile: thanks to its powerful Kärcher Battery Power+ battery, our battery-powered wet and dry vacuum cleaner NT 22/1 Ap Bp also impresses in places without an external power supply for demanding wet and dry applications.

Battery-powered high-pressure cleaner HD 4/11 C Bp

Battery-powered high-pressure cleaner HD 4/11 C Bp

You can work independent of the power supply with the battery-powered high-pressure cleaner. Thanks to the suction hose, completely autonomous operation is also possible when alternative water sources such as tanks are used. The cold water machine is used, for example, by building service providers, in the municipal area and in the construction and automotive sectors.