When can a claim be made under the warranty?


Kärcher Warranty

The warranty for faulty goods used in a domestic environment is 2-5 years from delivery of the goods depending on the model.


Water Blasters:

Any K2/K3 Model - 2 years

K3/K4/K5/K6 Premium Model - 5 years

All steam cleaners, window vacs and wet & dry vacuum cleaners have a 2 year warranty.


HD/HDS/T/NT - 2 years* (must be checked after 12 months at customers expense for the 2 year warranty to apply, otherwise a 1 year warranty applies). 

What is covered by the warranty?

Our warranty covers manufacture defects of a part or a part failure caused by an error in the assembly of the machine.
It covers the replacement of the failed component, but not the associated components.
E.g. if a water blaster cylinder head housing is replaced, it covers the  cylinder head housing and the seal between it and the control head, but not the control head and/or connections.

What is not covered by the warranty?

Replacement of parts caused by wear and tear;
Damage caused by mineral deposits or debris in the water supply;
Damage to hoses where the hose has been kinked, cut or squashed;
Damage to o-rings or valves caused by non-Karcher chemicals or cleaning agents;
Burnt out electric motors caused by low voltage;
Replacement of parts caused by misuse/negligence/alteration/accidents or lack of regular maintenance as specified in the operators manual;
Repairs carried out other than by a Karcher warranty agent.
Consequential costs resulting from loss of use or time, and hire costs;
Petrol or diesel motors - these are warranted by the respective manufacturer of the motor;
Complaints and repairs

Please contact Karcher Customer Services on free Phone 0800 KARCHER (0800 5272437).