Kärcher: Revolutionising Cleaning Solutions as the Inventor of High-Pressure Cleaning Since 1950

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Discover Kärcher, the pioneer and inventor of the high-pressure washer, revolutionising the cleaning industry since 1950. Experience unmatched specialist knowledge, continuous innovation, and powerful cleaning performance. Choose Kärcher for reliable brand quality and unlock the power of efficiency and innovation in high-pressure cleaning.

  • Save up to 80% water vs. a garden hose.
  • Patented pump technology for long lasting pressure washers!
  • Patented nozzle technology for a superior performance - meaning to get the job done quicker.
  • Industry leading warranty.
  • Largest accessories range on the market.
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Battery-powered handheld water blaster


When selecting a water blaster, it's important to not only look at PSI when making your decision. There are many factors which impact a water blaster's performance. For example, the nozzle technology impacts the width of the surface area being cleaned at once. Kärcher has patented nozzle technology in all of our water blasters which has been tested against our competition and has been found to clean more surface area at once, meaning you can do your cleaning job quicker. 

There are numerous other important factors that also impact a pressure washer's performance. Below is a list factors that helps Kärcher distinguish ourselves from the competition:

  • Patented pump technology for a long lasting water blaster.
  • Accessory range that suits ALL old or new products.
  • Patented Nozzle technology for efficient and effective cleaning.
  • Industry leading warranty. 
  • Service agent network & access to spare parts. 
  • Brushless water-cooled motors.
Why Karcher Water Blaster

Kärcher: Revolutionising Cleaning Solutions as the Inventor of High-Pressure Cleaning Since 1950

With a rich legacy dating back to 1950, Kärcher has been at the forefront of revolutionising the cleaning industry as the pioneer and inventor of the high-pressure washer. Our commitment to continuous innovation has propelled us to develop groundbreaking solutions that redefine cleaning efficiency. In 1950, we introduced the first European hot water high-pressure washer for professional cleaning, followed by the HD 555, the first portable pressure washer designed for private households, in 1984. These milestones highlight our dedication to making cleaning tasks easier, more effective, and accessible for everyone.

Unmatched Specialist Knowledge and a Culture of Continuous Innovation

Kärcher's success stems from our unparalleled specialist knowledge and a relentless pursuit of innovation. As the inventors of high-pressure cleaning, we possess unique insights and expertise that set us apart in the market. We prioritise understanding our customers' wants and needs through extensive surveys and feedback collection. This valuable information directly influences our product development process, ensuring that every new innovation addresses the evolving requirements of our customers. We are driven to provide cleaning solutions that consistently exceed expectations.

Leading the Way in Innovation and Technological Advancements

At Kärcher, we maintain our position as industry leaders by constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation. Our commitment to perfecting the art of high-pressure cleaning is reflected in our extensive portfolio of over 1,300 patents and utility models. These intellectual property rights represent our unwavering dedication to developing cutting-edge technologies and features that revolutionise the cleaning industry. We continuously strive to deliver the most advanced and efficient cleaning solutions, empowering our customers with the latest breakthroughs in cleaning technology.

Unleash the Power of Efficiency with Kärcher's Rotating High-Pressure Jet

Experience the extraordinary power of Kärcher's rotating high-pressure jet, which combines the concentrated force of a narrow jet with the broad coverage of a flat stream. Equipped with patented nozzle technology, our dirt blasters outperform the competition, delivering unparalleled stripping performance. This innovative design enables faster and more efficient cleaning, significantly reducing both time and effort required to achieve exceptional results. When you choose Kärcher, you can expect superior cleaning performance and unmatched efficiency, allowing you to accomplish more in less time.

Browse our massive water blaster accessory range

Enhance Your Kärcher Water Blaster!

Our water blaster accessories are individually designed to help you do a better cleaning job in a quicker amount of time!

With the largest water blaster accessories range on the market, we have an accessory to level up your Kärcher water blaster for every cleaning job. Below is a list of just some of the areas that can be cleaned more efficiently with one of our water blaster accessories:

  • Cars & motorbikes
  • Second story houses and other out of reach areas
  • Gutters and pipes
  • Hard surfaces such as driveways, pavers, decks and walls
  • Awkward areas to reach such as on top of your car or around your car wheels



Reliable Brand Quality: Trust Built Over 75 Years

As the global market leader, Kärcher has earned a reputation for unwavering reliability and continuous innovation. For over 75 years, we have upheld the highest standards of quality and engineering excellence. Our water blasters are meticulously designed and manufactured in Germany, ensuring precision, durability, and unmatched performance. Before leaving our factories, each device undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its functionality and performance meet our stringent standards. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees that our customers receive flawless products that deliver outstanding performance and have a long service life. Choose Kärcher for a trusted and reliable cleaning partner that has stood the test of time.

Experience the Kärcher Difference: Unleash the Power of Efficiency and Innovation

In conclusion, Kärcher's range of electric water blasters embodies the power of efficiency and innovation. With a remarkable legacy spanning over 75 years, we continue to redefine high-pressure cleaning by delivering superior performance and time-saving efficiency. Our German-engineered products are meticulously designed to save you time, energy, and water, without compromising on reliability or cleaning results. Choose Kärcher for an unparalleled cleaning experience and discover the transformative power of efficiency and innovation. Explore our comprehensive catalog now and unlock the full potential of Kärcher's electric water blasters!

Karcher - versatile applications

The versatile outdoor cleaning solution

Water blasters are the most effective way to clean outdoors and are extremely easy to use: connect the device to the water supply and power outlet, turn on the tap, switch on the water blaster and let the cleaning fun begin! With matching special accessories, the devices are transformed into real all-rounders: whether for wet blasting, pipe cleaning, deck cleaning or gutter cleaning, the application possibilities are virtually unlimited!

Karcher Pressure Washer Car Cleaning


Karcher pressure Washer Cleaning Walls


Karcher Pressure Washer Motorbike Cleaning

Motorbikes & Bicycles

Karcher Pressure Washer Pavers Cleaning

Tiles & Pavers

Karcher Pressure Washer Steps Cleaning

Steps & Paths

Karcher Pressure Washer Pipes Cleaning

Pipes & Gutters

Karcher Pressure Washer Window Cleaning


Karcher Pressure Washer Garden Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

k 7 full control
k 7 full control
k 7 full control
k 7 full control


Clean up to 4 x faster than with a lance with a Kärcher T-Racer surface cleaner. The innovative combination of height-adjustable propellers and high-pressure nozzles create a hovercraft effect which allows the T-Racer to hover above the ground with gentle action and uniform results on large areas. The casing prevents splashback, thereby protecting both you and the walls from spray. The T Racer is ideal for cleaning driveaways, decks, paving, garage doors and more.

T 450 T Racer


Kärcher accessories and cleaning agents ensure thorough and gentle vehicle care. Let us help you make your vehicle sparkle in just a few simple steps:

  1. Remove coarse dirt with a high-pressure jet
  2. Spray Kärcher insect remover onto the radiator grill, bumper and windscreen
  3. Spray Kärcher rim cleaner onto the wheel rims
  4. Cover the vehicle with cleaning agent using the detergent system of your water blaster or with a foam jet with Kärcher car shampoo and leave for a few minutes (not long enough for the cleaning agent to dry)
  5. Agitate the dirt with the Kärcher wash brush provided in your kit or WB 150 power brush
  6. Rinse using the medium setting on your water blaster

Tips: Clean out of direct sunlight and only use Kärcher cleaning agent.

Karcher vehicle washing - Full Control

Garden equipment

Say goodbye to scrubbing! Dirt and earth can be removed efficiently from plant and flower pots, spades, shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows using a Kärcher water blaster. The Vario Power and Multi Power Jet spray lances make light work of a traditionally labour intensive task.

Cleaning garden equipment with a Karcher water blaster

Mossy paving

Since moss not only forms a thick layer on paved surfaces, but remains in the pores of the paving stones, the dirt blaster is the ultimate tool to remove moss quickly and effectively. The dirst blaster is a rotating jet, which combines the cleaning power of a concentrated jet with the area performance of a flat stream. Hold the high-pressure jet vertically to the paved surface and slowly clean from one edge of the moss-covered area to the other at a distance of around 20 to 30 cm - job done!

Cleaning mossy paving with a Karcher water blaster

Outdoor furniture

Give your outdoor furniture a new lease on life! Cleaning outdoor furniture is is easy with a Kärcher water blaster. Simply blast off excess dirt, apply detergent on mix setting (for Full Control machines), agitate with a wash brush and rinse.

Karcher Full Control Garden Furniture


Before cleaning close the shutters. Set the spray lance to low pressure and apply the cleaning agent. Start at the lowest section of the shutters. Leave the cleaning agent to work in for a few minutes so that the dirt is loosened completely. Remove the dissolved dirt with the wash brush and finally rinse with the high-pressure jet.

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Karcher Car Cleaning

Tips & Articles

We have put together a few articles and guides for certain cleaning tasks. You can view the ones relating to pressure washers below:

Karcher How-To Videos

How-to videos

Browse our how-to video range to help you with things like product setup & use along with some handy tips on how to tackle cleaning jobs around your home.

Performance Class

Which model is right for you?

The cleaning performance of a water blaster is determined by how the water pressure and water volume are used in combination. The better these two factors are aligned, the easier it is to remove stubborn dirt and the quicker large surface areas can be cleaned. Kärcher puts its devices into specific performance classes based on different cleaning requirements. The larger the surface area to be cleaned and/or the more stubborn the dirt, the higher the performance class recommended. To clean large surface areas such as façades, a K7 device with matching accessories is recommended. As well as offering better performance, higher unit classes also offer other practical functions. These include longer hose lengths for a considerably extended working radius and better hose quality to improve twist resistance and flexibility. This ensures short set-up times and considerably more comfort, especially in the case of frequent use.


How does a water blaster work?

Pressure in a normal household water supply is around 4 bar. Water supplied into the water blaster via a garden hose, passes through a booster pump which generates water pressure of up to 160 bar. The water is ejected through a small high-pressure nozzle as a concentrated jet with a high cleaning effect.

Water savings
Why Karcher
Karcher catalogue

Kärcher makes the difference

Kärcher invented the high-pressure washer – and continues to reinvent it again and again. In 1950 Kärcher developed the first European hot water high-pressure washer for professional cleaning. In 1984 Kärcher then launched the first portable pressure washer, the HD 555, for private households – a milestone in the history of cleaning.

As the inventor of high-pressure cleaning, Kärcher has unique specialist knowledge, the breadth and depth of which is unrivalled on the market. We use regular surveys to conscientiously determine what our customers want and need and any findings are incorporated directly into product development. This is how we ensure that each new development meets the needs of our customers.


Kärcher continues to create market leading innovations in perfecting the art of high-pressure cleaning. More than 1,300 patents and utility models are evidence of our dedication to creating the ultimate cleaning solutions for our customers.


The rotating high-pressure jet combines the power of a narrow jet with the area performance of a flat stream. Thanks to their patented nozzle technology, Kärcher's dirt blasters outperform the competition and enable faster and more efficient cleaning thanks to maximum stripping performance.


Time saving Karcher

Exceptionally powerful – 50% time saving

The patented Kärcher nozzle technology suited to each individual model make it possible to save upto 50% cleaning time. Compared with the competition, the Kärcher devices are distinguished by a greater cleaning performance and efficiency.

In short: cleaning takes place faster with time savings of up to 50% and thus also energy and water savings of up to 50% – remarkable advantages which have been scientifically confirmed by the renowned and independent Fraunhofer Institute.

Reliable brand quality

As the global market leader we offer the most reliable water blasters on the market. For over 75 years, Kärcher has stood for quality and innovation. Our water blasters are designed and engineered in Germany. We manufacture all of our devices in our own factories to the highest production standards. Before the products leave the factory, they are fully tested for their functionality and performance. That is why we can always guarantee to our customers that they are purchasing perfect products, which speak for themselves in terms of their performance capabilities and long service life.