Cleaning robots

Optimise work processes, free up teams, increase productivity.

Skilled workers are in short supply in the building cleaning sector, labour turnover in the industry is high and, parallel to this, cleaning tasks are becoming increasingly complex. Our answer to these challenges is: Kärcher Intelligent Robotic Application or "KIRA" for short – the cleaning robots from Kärcher.

KIRA B 50 scrubber dryer robot

  • Application areas: medium to large hard floors
  • Area performance: up to 2,300 square metres per hour
  • Docking station available as an option for fully autonomous operation

The best solution for every application


The world of building cleaning contractors has undergone a fundamental transformation. While vacuum cleaners, cleaning rags, basic detergents and elbow grease were once enough, the sector is now defined by state-of-the-art cleaning technology, strict hygiene and environmental standards as well as ever more demanding cleaning tasks.


Instead of sending trained and specialist cleaning staff to tackle the more time-consuming tasks such as cleaning floors, sophisticated cleaning robots from Kärcher's KIRA platform offer new and better alternatives. As an addition to cleaning teams, they take over the cleaning of floors in large and expansive areas as well as in narrow and cramped indoor spaces.


Rather than compromising on cleaning quality with an all-in-one machine solution, we have developed our cleaning robots with precision specifically for the application in question. This is the only way to ensure the best cleaning quality and the best handling for users.

Kärcher Intelligent Robotic Application

KIRA represents a new product category with a constantly growing number of professional cleaning robots that can relieve cleaning staff of monotonous and time-consuming tasks, such as floor cleaning, leaving them to carry out more complex tasks in parallel. Intuitive to operate, our cleaning robots navigate and clean safely and reliably in a wide variety of environments thanks to powerful sensor technology and sophisticated software.


Combining expertise and cutting-edge technology

Kärcher has played a leading role in cleaning technology worldwide for decades. Our autonomous cleaning machines combine the full breadth of our expertise with high-end technology in the form of extremely precise sensors, powerful computers and sophisticated software to create new, highly innovative product concepts with autonomous orientation.

Whether it is for autonomous scrubbing or vacuuming, cleaning robots from the KIRA platform navigate easily and safely in spacious or complex environments, reliably detecting people and physical obstacles. They process the sensor data in fractions of a second and – if necessary – initiate appropriate evasive manoeuvres. The machines' ability to meet the high technical requirements of intelligent and completely safe navigation at all times is demonstrated by the safety certificates showing that they function in accordance with IEC 63327[SM1] for safe operation even in public areas.  

Autonomous scrubber drying from Kärcher

Intuitive for consistent cleaning results

The technology behind KIRA is as impressive as the cleaning quality and the consistency it achieves. Incidentally, no expert knowledge is required to set up the machines – on the contrary, the robots are optimised for simple and intuitive operation, so a short introductory briefing is all the training required.

Display of the KIRA CV 50

As flexible as possible, as specialised as necessary

Our cleaning robots are specially tailored to the needs of cleaning professionals in their day-to-day work to meet their different requirements. While the KIRA robotic vacuum cleaner needs to be as manoeuvrable as possible and available for use at short notice – for example when cleaning hotel rooms and corridors – and is therefore equipped with long-lasting 36 V Kärcher Battery Power+ batteries, docking stations ensure cleaning with the KIRA B 50 scrubber dryer robot is fully autonomous – by enabling the machine to top up with fresh water, empty dirty water, rinse the tank and charge the long-life lithium-ion battery. Even very large warehouses and industrial areas can be cleaned without any human intervention.

KIRA B 50 scrubber dryer robot with docking station

Cleaning everywhere from huge halls to under tables

From large areas to confined and even cluttered spaces. Depending on the design and application, our cleaning robots are extremely versatile, making them suitable for use in the transport industry (airports, train stations, logistics warehouses), in the retail sector (supermarkets, hypermarkets, shopping malls), in the healthcare sector (hospitals, care facilities), in public buildings (schools, universities, museums, sports halls, conference centres), in office buildings (entrance halls, corridors, rooms), in the hospitality industry (guest rooms, lobbies, hotel corridors and hotel rooms) and, of course, in industrial environments for cleaning production and manufacturing halls.

Kira CV 50

State-of-the-art connectivity and data protection

For documentation purposes and to monitor the machines remotely, detailed cleaning reports, notifications and the current machine status can be viewed at any time and from any location by authorised persons in the corresponding web portal or via the KIRA Robots app from Kärcher. For security reasons, all data is encrypted and strictly protected against unauthorised external access. On request, authorised persons can also receive notifications straight to their phone. In all cases, we guarantee responsible and purposeful handling of sensitive data and, of course, GDPR compliance.