Make more out of your site with our Klean!Star gantry car wash.


A prudent investment

A lot is possible. The question is always whether it also makes sense. The big solution can also be too big, in other words uneconomical. If the cost calculation is paramount for your site, our Klean!Star is perfect for you. With the basic options you can already offer your customers more with little investment.

Think in new dimensions. Our Klean!Star gives you greater width at mirror and wheel level for easier entry and exit. And between entry and exit you experience many other new dimensions of the wash ing technology.


More higher pressure from all sides


Customised high pressure.

Depending on the equipment, decide in favour of a high-pressure option and then on the compatible high-pressure pump.

Wheel high pressure
The high-pressure unit for the lower area from sills to mirrors is included in the basic equipment of every Klean!Star.

Wheel/Side high pressure
With this option wheel high pressure and side high pressure always work simultaneously. Your customers still receive an excellent cleaning result. And you protect your budget.

Roof high pressure
This option includes the precleaning of the roof, front and rear area with a high- pressure tube mounted at the roof drier. You have a choice of 2 versions depending on the roof drier system selected: the xed roof highpressure unit with xed nozzles as well as the swivelling roof high-pressure unit with nozzles that swivel 30° forwards and back.

Underbody wash
There is scarcely a customer who doesn’t take advantage of the thorough removal of dirt on the underbody of their vehicle. This option brings you additional sales.

Gentle and effective

Tried-and-tested technology is always justi‰ed. The side brushes of our Klean!Star reliably follow the body shape and achieve a cleaning result that con - vinces even discerning customers. As has been done for many years now in our gantry car washes.



CareTouch are contoured brushes made from a specially foamed polyethylene. We chose CareTouch for the roof and side brushes of our Klean!Star in order to guarantee very gentle removal of dirt on the vehicle surface.


Contour detection of the side brushes

In the forward direction our Klean!Star places the side brushes at an angle of up to 15° diagonal to the vehicle so that the upper area is optimally detected and cleaned. In reverse mode the side brushes are guided down accordingly in order to clean the sill area optimally as well.

No task is too big for us

The wheel wash has always been one of the greatest skills of the vehicle wash.

With our Klean!Star we are introducing a completely new principle to the wheel wash: the linear scissor wheel washer. It also reaches the wheels of vehicles that are not positioned in the middle of the gantry car wash.

Even for vehicles with a narrow track width and small cars our scissor wheel washer always has a suf cient extension path. The scissor wheel washer is available with or without high pressure.


Cleanliness itself is not enough


Returns to the contour at an angle

The +/- 30° swivelling roof drier follows the contour of the vehicle. The result is even better and faster drying in the front and rear area.

As before, only much better Our drier follows contours and achieves excellent drying thanks to its high air flow volume.

A good appearance is convincing

Skill and a good appearance always look good

The choice is yours. You decide what your Klean!Star looks like. Choose the Kärcher standard design or your favourite colour from 4 standard colours for the frame and doors. Then decide on one of the two front door designs:

Focus on functionality
Depending on the site and utilisation, the simplest way can be the right one. For your gantry car wash this may be the basic front doors which full all required functions without putting a strain on the budget.

Beautiful and modern: K!Design
This is the distinctive design of advanced technology: consistent and extensive, high-quality acrylic glued with foil. Exclusive Day & Night look in black or one of 4 standard colours.

Modern and safe: LED lights
For the basic front doors as well as the design line K!Design you can opt for large, extensive LED lights: on the left, on the right or on both sides. Or none at all.


VehiclePro Klear!Line - The appropriate agents for the gantry

Complete, professional and exclusive As the operator of a gantry car wash, the new VehiclePro Klear!Line gives you the latest generation of innovative cleaning agents, which produce a perfect washing and drying re sults and an optimised washing time at a low cost. The new Klear!Dry means good drying results. Klear!Brush and Klear!Foam assist the drying process. The new Klear!Glow creates a high shine as well as long-lasting conservation with dripoff effect.

Clean, safe and fresh All VehiclePro Klear!Line products are ultra-high cleaning concentrates and extremely economical in consumption. New substances guarantee a perfect washing result also with difcult vehicle contours. Last but not least, the distinctive scent of our new Kärcher scent concept also contributes to perfect cleanliness. The colour coding provides security when replenishing: the cleaning agents have the same colour as the label on the canister and the dosing pumps at the system. This rules out any mistakes. Also with the supply. Use the automatic reordering tool via Kärcher Fleet so that you always have enough cleaning agent in stock.