Steam cleaning bathrooms and toilets

Steam cleaning makes light work of bathroom fixtures and fittings, removing soap and limescale build-up, and leaving your toilet fresh and hygienic.


Cleaning bathrooms and toilets

Limescale and soap residue

Even stubborn limescale and soap residue can be easily removed with the abrasive cloth in our microfibre bathroom cloth kit.*

Cleaning bathroom fittings

  • Use the detail nozzle to avoid scratching chrome or stainless steel fittings - hold it close to the object being cleaned and wait until the lime breaks up. If it still won't budge or is in an awkward spot, the nozzle can be fitted with a brush. Scrub the area whilst applying powerful blasts of steam.
  • If the grease has already been there a while, use a cloth on the hand tool and steadily scrub whilst applying steam. The grease will slowly accumulate on the cloth; the cloth should therefore be changed occasionally.
  • For a streak-free result, finish by polishing the cleaned surface with the yellow microfibre cloth.
  • Even stubborn, dried-on dirt can be removed by applying direct steam and scrubbing vigorously.
  • Thicker layers of lime residue should first be doused in vinegar or lemon juice and left to absorb. Once removed, regular steaming will prevent lime deposits from forming in future.


*Microfibre bathroom cloth kit sold separately.