Battery powered vacuum

Mains-operated machines come to a halt at the end of the cable. Our battery powered dry vacuum cleaners can go anywhere. 
No winding and unwinding. No pulling along. No getting caught. No searching for and constantly changing sockets. 
No cable, but up to 24 percent time savings with increased productivity.

battery powered dry vacuum cleaners


Cordless performance – with no compromises

With Kärcher battery-operated vacuum cleaners you are not missing anything: neither performance nor cleaning quality. Here our battery-operated vacuum cleaners easily keep up with comparable mains-operated dry vacuum cleaners – and also impress with their freedom. No power cable – it only gets in the way – no more plugging in/out. This saves time and increases productivity. The battery-operated vacuum cleaner T 9/1 Bp runs for 24 minutes on one charge and for 46 minutes in eco!efficiency mode. The backpack vacuum BVL 5/1 Bp is unbeatable where space is limited, e.g. in cinemas, on buses, trains and planes. The ultralight and battery-powered BVL 3/1 Bp is your expert for spot cleaning and cleaning stairs. It is perfect for private households, tradesmen or caretakers.

Fully charged is key to relaxed working

You will also be equally impressed by the unobstructed cordless work as well as the superb mobility and flexibility, increased productivity with less effort and up to 24 percent time savings.

BV 5/1 Bp without cable

Full power requires no cable

Our BVL 5/1 Bp offers the best cleaning performance on the market with the innovative 36 V battery. And this performance corresponds to the performance of comparable mains-operated dry vacuum cleaners. The only thing you sacrifice is the cable. And you get so much more in return.

practical use of battery-powered vacuum cleaner

Easy to use

With the control panel directly on the hip belt you guide our backpack dry vacuum cleaner into a new dimension of ergonomic operation. You control all functions practically from the hips without any work interruptions. And with the battery status indicator you know at any time how much reserve you still have.

Kärcher battery-powered backpack vacuum BV 5/1 Bp

Save energy and gain time

With battery powered machines saving energy is twice as useful, for the environment and for a longer service life. In eco!efficiency mode the BVL 5/1 Bp works with significantly less energy consumption, thus achieving considerably longer runtimes.

No plugging in/out of cables

No plugging in/out

No matter how old or how skilled a person is, stooping down to plug power cables in and out causes stress and strain on the body in the long run. Save yourself and your employees this strain.

Kärcher Innovative Real Time Technology

Knowing instead of guessing

Thanks to the Kärcher Real Time Technology, you now know the remaining runtime of the battery to the exact minute. Any time. In real time. Even the power currently used is included. And our battery chargers also show you the remaining charge time to the exact minute.

Kärcher eco!efficiency mode

Efficient and ecological

With the eco!efficiency mode your Kärcher machine saves even more energy and is quieter at the touch of a button. The efficient concept makes possible long battery runtimes and even allows work in noise-sensitive areas such as hotels.

 Battery powered dry vacuum cleaner T 9/1 Bp

Battery-operated vacuum cleaner T 9/1 Bp

No cable – full power. The powerful Kärcher battery-operated vacuum cleaner T 9/1 Bp is no different to mains-operated dry vacuum cleaners in terms of performance and cleaning result. On the contrary: It offers the best cleaning performance on the market. And you benefit from this every time you use it. Also impressive: The unobstructed cordless work, the superb mobility and flexibility, the higher productivity with less effort and up to 23% time savings. The T 9/1 Bp is the perfect dry vacuum cleaner for building service providers as well as for cleaning tasks in the transport sector, retail or in the hotel industry.

The T 9/1 Bp impresses with its wonderfully uncomplicated operation. Particularly in areas with few or no sockets, e.g. on stairs, in cinemas, theatres, on hotel corridors or wherever. Damage to walls or furniture from pulling the cable along is now also a thing of the past.

The T 9/1 Bp receives its power from two different batteries. There is a choice of the 36 V/6.0 Ah Kärcher Battery Power+ exchangeable battery with innovative Real Time Technology via LC display and voltage monitoring. The extremely powerful 36 V lithium-ion battery with 6.0 Ah capacity enables long runtimes. The T 9/1 Bp can also be operated with the 36 V/7.5 Ah Kärcher Battery Power+ exchangeable battery, with Real Time Technology via LC display and protection against overcurrent. A capacity of 7.5 Ah guarantees the particularly long runtime of the powerful Battery Power+ 36 V lithium-ion battery.

Battery-powered hand vacuum cleaner HV 1/1 Bp

We have analysed exactly which cleaning machine tradesmen and service providers need for building or vehicle cleaning: namely a handy, powerful and long-lasting battery-powered hand vacuum cleaner. The Kärcher HV 1/1 Bp reveals its strengths here because it is compact and light. And it brings application-specific accessories in order to optimally solve all typical cleaning tasks – from the office to the workshop or vehicle cleaning in the dealership through to applications in assembly work.

The HV 1/1 Bp offers you the best cleaning performance in its class. The simple handling, the energy-saving eco!efficiency mode and the charge status indicator ensure even higher productivity in all cleaning applications. With the battery-powered HV 1/1 Bp it is simply clean quicker! It spares you from time-consuming tasks such as unwinding and winding up the cable, pulling along the device or untangling the cable, looking for a socket and inserting and removing the plug. This reduces your working time by up to 25% and accelerates the overall cleaning process.

Clean before the door closes

With our HV 1/1 Bp and the crevice nozzle you remove dirt in the guide rails of elevators in a flash. You can also vacuum the floor in the elevator in no time with the cordless HV 1/1 Bp.

The hand vacuum cleaner HV 1/1 Bp can be operated with two different batteries. Either the 18 V/2.5 Ah Kärcher Battery Power- exchangeable battery including innovative Real Time Technology and LC display to show the battery level. Or the 18 V/3.0 Ah Kärcher Battery Power+ exchangeable battery including Real Time Technology via LC display and voltage monitoring and IPX5 protection. The very powerful Battery Power+ 18 V lithium-ion battery offers 3.0 Ah capacity for a long runtime.