Garden pump BP 5 Pressure Pump

The durable BP 5 Pressure Pump premium home and garden pump with an efficient 4-stage drive for simultaneous garden watering and house water supply (e.g. using rainwater). Convenient, strong, reliable!

Whether garden watering with constant pressure or supplying water to washing machines or bathrooms: the durable and maintenance-free BP 5 Pressure Pump is ideal for using alternative water sources for processed water supply. Built with brushless motor technology for an extra long life. The automatic start/stop function means that the BP 5 can also switch on and off automatically. In case of emergency, the dry running protection switches the pump off and a fault display is illuminated. The 4-stage drive impresses with its high power, efficiency and smooth running. At the same flow rate, the BP 5 Pressure Pump requires less motor output than conventional jet pumps – an energy saving of about 30%. Comfort features such as the integrated foot switch, the 2 outputs for the simultaneous operation of 2 connection devices and the sound absorbing rubber feet are joined by safety features such as the standard pre-filter and the integrated check valve for reliable operation. Kärcher also offers a 5 year extended warranty.

Features and benefits
Garden pump BP 5 Pressure Pump: Easy to use in the home and garden
Easy to use in the home and garden
Reliable supply in the home and constant pressure for watering the garden.
Garden pump BP 5 Pressure Pump: Safe and durable
Safe and durable
With pre-filter, non-return valve and dry-run protection as standard.
Garden pump BP 5 Pressure Pump: Multistage pump type
Multistage pump type
Extremely energy efficient and whisper quiet.
Automatic start/stop
  • Pumps start and stop automatically as required.
Optimal suction
  • The quality pump effortlessly draws water from a depth of 8 m, for example from a cistern.
Display for error control
  • A suction or pressure-related fault is indicated.
Two water outlets
  • Multiple uses, such as watering the lawn with a sprinkler and simultaneously watering the garden with a hose.
Flexible T connection adaptor
  • Flexible installation for optimal alignment of connected hoses.
Comfortable foot switch
  • Easy to switch on and off – gentle on the back.
Ergonomic handle
  • Easy to handle and transport.

Technical data

Max. motor rating (W) 1000
Max. flow rate (l/h) < 6000
Delivery head/pressure, max. (m/bar) 48 / 4.8
Suction lift (m) 8
Delivery temperature (°C) max. 35
Connecting thread G1
Connecting Cord H07RN-F (m) 1.85
Voltage (V) 230 - 240
Frequency (Hz) 50
Weight without accessories (kg) 12.7
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 14.5
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 230 x 540 x 373
Garden pump BP 5 Pressure Pump
Garden pump BP 5 Pressure Pump
Garden pump BP 5 Pressure Pump
Garden pump BP 5 Pressure Pump
Garden pump BP 5 Pressure Pump
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