Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

Kärcher bagged vacuum cleaner ensures cleanliness throughout the entire house quickly and features a hygienic filter system. The tried-and-tested VC 6 is the perfect helper for large households and families, which, with numerous comfort features, cleans even large areas comfortably and quickly. As a part of Kärcher's vacuum cleaner family, the VC6 has an extravagant design and innovative technology.

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Vacuuming is extraordinarily quick and easy with the energy-saving devices from the VC range. The vacuum cleaners, which belong to energy efficiency class A, combine extremely strong suction power with outstanding comfort features.

EasySlider Hindernisumfahrung

EasySlider rotating ring

A soft rotating ring that turns 360° guides the vacuum cleaner around obstacles. Furniture and vacuum cleaner stay scratch-free.


Unique QuickClick system

Rapid switching between the floor nozzle and accessories (crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, furniture brush).

Automatische Kabelaufwicklung

Automatic cord storage

The cable automatically winds itself in at the push of a button.