Window Vac WV Classic

Intelligent window cleaning: The first Kärcher WV Classic window vac with extra spray bottle prevents dirty water from dripping down and streaking. Ideal for all smooth surfaces.

The secret lies in the new WV Classic window vac's innovative water vacuuming function, which makes the cleaning process easy. No more dirty water that drips down when cleaning surfaces. The WV Classic hygienically cleans without leaving streaks on the surface. Offers very easy handling and flexibility thanks to the device's battery operation. The spray bottle with wiper attachment, microfibre pad and detergent concentrate perfectly complements the device to ensure the highest standard of cleaning.

Features and benefits
Window Vac WV Classic: Drip and streak-free result
Drip and streak-free result
Thanks to electronic water vacuuming, annoying streaks have been banished forever. For sparkling clean windows.
Window Vac WV Classic: Completely hygienic
Completely hygienic
Quickly and easily empty the tank without coming in contact with dirty water.
Window Vac WV Classic: Diverse applications
Diverse applications
The window vac can be used on all smooth surfaces such as tiles, mirrors or shower cubicles.
The original
  • Original Kärcher quality from the inventor of the window vac.
Three times faster
  • Window cleaning is three times faster with the battery powered window vac than with conventional methods.

Technical data

Working width of suction nozzle (Millimetre) 280
Waste water container capacity (Millilitre) 100
Battery running time (Minute) 20
Battery charge time (Minute) 120
Battery type Lithium-ion battery
Cleaning performance per battery charge Approx. 60 m² = 20 windows
Type of current (Volt/Hertz) 100 - 240 / 50 - 60
Weight incl. battery (Kilogram) 0.7
Weight without accessories (Kilogram) 0.7
Weight incl. packaging (Kilogram) 1.126
Dimensions (L x W x H) (Millimetre) 130 x 280 x 355

Scope of supply

  • Battery charger
  • Window cleaner concentrate (1 × 20 ml)


  • Suction nozzle width: 280 Millimetre
Window Vac WV Classic
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