Stationary high pressure unit HDC Standard

Heavy-duty application, heavy-duty performance: The stationary high-pressure machine is suitable for max. 8 users. Can be adjusted for 4000, 6000 or 8000 l/h and an operating pressure of 80 or 160 bar.

The adjustable HDC Standard stationary high-pressure cleaner is available for the following performance classes: 4000 l/h (2 x 2000 l/h pump units), 6000 l/h (3 x 2000 l/h pump units) and 8000 l/h (4 x 2000 l/h pump units). Working pressures between 80 and 160 bar are also possible. Other features include a water inlet temperature of up to 85 °C (up to 60 °C as standard), steel frame or optional stainless steel frame, air-cooled, 4-pole low-speed motors, robust crankshaft pumps with brass cylinder head and pressure tank with integrated float tank and filter in the water inlet, operating hours meter, error message display and operating parameters. The system, pumps and motors also switch on and off automatically. Other safety features are the dry-running protection, water inlet temperature monitoring, motors with winding protection and motor protection switch, overflow valve and pressure sensor, safety valve and pressure tank on each pump, and leak detection. The devices are also available for 60 hertz upon request.

Features and benefits
Highly flexible
Intelligent pump control

Technical data

Pressure (Bar/Megapascal) 80 / 160 / 8 / 16 / 16
Flow rate (Litres per hour) 700 / 8000
Feed temperature (Celsius) Maximum 85
Motor starting Soft start
Type of current (Phases/Volt/Hertz) 3 / 400 / 50
Dimensions (L x W x H) (Millimetre) 1150 x 750 x 1840
Stationary high pressure unit HDC Standard
Stationary high pressure unit HDC Standard
Application areas
  • Agriculture
  • Stable cleaning
  • Ideal for use in vehicle cleaning, in the construction and transport sector, as well as in industry
  • Vehicle and machine cleaning in the automotive, industry and agricultural area
  • Public Services