Industrial vacuum IVR 50/40 Sc (H)

IVR 50/40 Sc (H): for vacuuming small quantities of solid materials, carcinogenic and combustible dusts in non-explosive areas in continuous operation. Robust machine with dust class H.

The IVR 50/40 Sc (H) is a robust, manoeuvrable industrial vacuum cleaner which is suitable for smaller quantities of combustible and carcinogenic dust (OEL < 0.1 mg/m³). It features dust class H filter engineering and a powerful yet energy-efficient (IE2) side channel blower for high vacuums. The continuous, low-noise, three-shift operation of the vacuum cleaner is driven by a three-phase and low-maintenance motor with a rated input power of 4.0 kW. A durable, washable pocket filter and a manual shaking mechanism for filter cleaning ensure constantly high suction power. The 50 l container can be emptied by means of an ergonomic set-down trolley without having to remove the drive head. A polyethylene bag – included in the scope of supply – with an integrated closing mechanism for guaranteed low-dust emptying and safe disposal. The vacuum cleaner is suitable for use in non-explosive areas.

Features and benefits
Particularly robust, particularly flexible
  • With practical, movable suction hose port/pipe bend.
  • Despite its very compact design, it features numerous options for carrying accessories.
  • Machine and chassis very robust and equipped with high wall thicknesses.
Wear-resistant side channel compressor
  • With 4 kW power and soft start-up for vacuuming small amounts of dust and solid materials.
  • For strong suction power and service life of at least 20,000 hours.
  • Optimally suited for mobile use in multiple shift operation.
Convenient, manual filter cleaning
  • Effortless operation by means of an ergonomically placed lever if required.
  • Extends the life of the filter and thus reduces the maintenance effort.
  • Identical cleaning results, regardless of the amount of force used.
Equipped with large pocket filter
  • For safely picking up solids and dusts up to dust class H.
  • Also suitable for large quantities of dust.
  • Special geometry of the filter prevents suctioned solids getting caught.

Technical data

Type of current (Phases/Volt/Hertz) 3 / 400 - 500 / 50 - 60
Air flow (Litres per second/Cubic metres per hour) 138 / 495
Vacuum (Millibar/Kilopascal) 140 / 14
Container capacity (Litre) 50
Rated input power (Kilowatt) 4
Vacuuming type Electric
Filter area (Square metre) 1.75
Nominal size Nominal width 50
Accessory nominal size Nominal width 50 Nominal width 40
Sound pressure level (Decibel) 70
Main filter dust class M
Secondary filter dust class H
Weight without accessories (Kilogram) 197
Weight incl. packaging (Kilogram) 198
Dimensions (L x W x H) (Millimetre) 760 x 927 x 2086


  • Secondary filter
  • Container emptying: Set down chassis
Industrial vacuum IVR 50/40 Sc (H)
Industrial vacuum IVR 50/40 Sc (H)
Industrial vacuum IVR 50/40 Sc (H)
Industrial vacuum IVR 50/40 Sc (H)
Application areas
  • For small quantities of solid materials and carcinogenic dusts (OEL ≥ 0.1 mg/m³)