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Sweepex brooms

SweepEx Valu-Sweep 1500 mm Broom Sweeper

  • Super wide Valu-Sweep 1500mm (60") broom/sweeper
  • Wider sweep path than its smaller brother
  • Sweeps faster than a man and a broom and generates substantially less dust
  • Light industrial use
  • Sweep and maintain wide open areas or narrow warehouse aisles
  • Inexpensive. Leverage on your existing equipment
  • Optional fine dust control mop
  • Optional magnetic pickup

SweepEx PRO 720 1800 mm Sweeper

  • Works indoors and out
  • No moving parts
  • Can be pushed or pulled
  • Produces less dust and flying debris than rotary brooms
  • Medium duty, industrial grade product for harsh sweeper environments
  • Features 8 rows of replaceable polypropylene bristles
  • Extends the versatility of lift trucks, skid steer loaders, and tractors
  • 1800mm sweep path for quick, safe clean ups
  • Easily maintained by reversing the bristles and giving it a wash
  • Standard forklift mounts welded to frame
  • Other hitches and mounting options are available for maximum versatility

SweepEx MEGA 720 1800 mm Sweeper

  • 720 inch broom sweeper for industrial sweeping
  • Manufactured by the inventor of the forklift broom
  • Incredibly strong and rugged with no moving parts
  • Rugged industrial sweeper that attaches to a forklift, loader, telehandler or excavator
  • Easily replaced bristles. Always in stock
  • Minimum maintenance, no moving parts, no flying debris
  • Minimal dust generation from sweeping even fine dirt and debris
  • Fast and safe sweeping of wide open areas using your existing equipment
  • Will sweep sand, gravel, rocks, metal waste-recycling, standing water, and the list goes on

SweepEx MEGA 960 2400 mm Sweeper

  • Often imitated. Never duplicated
  • Sweeps over a thousand kilometres on one set of bristles
  • Little maintenance required to maintain maximum performance
  • No moving parts
  • Massive 2400 mm long SWEEPEX industrial broom for heavy duty sweeping
  • Works on wet or dry surfaces
  • Works going forward or backwards
  • Sweeps as fast as safety allows with no flying debris
  • Solid rolled steel frame. No welds
  • Easily replaced bristles
  • Easily attached to a forklift, loader, skid steer or telehandler
  • Price includes hitch, chains and dogs

Escalator Cleaner

Columbus JUMA STEP 100 Escalator Cleaner

  • Deep cleans visible treads and risers in one step
  • Only requires a single operator
  • Escalator is dried and ready for use
  • Adjustable cleaning solution for all degrees of contamination
  • Deep, wet scrub cleaning machine for escalators
  • German engineered for precision, reliability & ease of service
  • Strong suction prevents water entry into escalator workings
  • Safely clean treads and risers of different heights and manufacturers
  • Simple, intuitive control panel with three pre-programmed cleaning cycles