pro broom

SweepEx PRO 720 1800 mm Forklift Broom


Solid Rolled Steel
290 mm polypropylene
Attach to Forklift:
Standard forklift tine pockets and chains (supplied)
Attach to Bucket:
Optional 4in1 grab hitch or bucket hitch with chains
Available Lengths:
1500 mm & 1800 mm
12 Months Limited


Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for heavy duty industrial sweeping jobs
  • Eight rows of tough polypropylene bristles
  • Solid steel frame, fully powder coated, welded bristle channels
  • Proven to cut cleaning time by more than 90%
  • Economical, practical and better than manual methods
  • A fraction of the cost of ownership and maintenance of a mechanical sweeper
  • Will sweep sand, gravel, grain, glass, sawdust, mud, light snow, rubbish, plastic shrinkwrap, wire and standing water
  • Sweeps in any direction - forward or reverse
  • Brush life estimate well over 800 km's
  • Brushes require little maintenance or servicing
  • Replacement bristles easy and quick to fit
  • Heavy duty for indoor or outdoor use
  • Integrated standard forklift mount
  • Recommended by WHS professionals

Industries & Applications

  • General warehousing
  • Logistics and freight terminals
  • Light agricultural and outdoor use
  • Moving waste such as plastic strapping, shrink-wrap, string, rope, etc.