Steam ironing

Steam iron 2
Steam ironing board

50% faster ironing

With the Kärcher steam pressure ironing system, you can cut ironing time in half! The Kärcher ironing board has a steam suctioning and inflation function. The steam suctioning holds the laundry in place while the moisture is suctioned off. With the inflation function, the ironing surface can be inflated like a balloon. This prevents crease creation, even on delicate fabrics.


Steam iron

Tips for optimal ironing


  1. Set your steam iron to the maximum temperature when ironing with steam. Continual steam output prevents your laundry from being overheated – whether cotton, silk or linen.
  2. Non-stick iron soleplate as a special accessory: prevents shiny patches on delicate and dark materials (e.g. linen). T-shirts with transfers no longer need to be ironed inside out.
  3. The steam pressure is so high that even thick jeans only need ironing from one side. Slowly glide the steam iron across the fabric applying light pressure and the steam pressure will do the work for you.

Suitable devices and accessories

Steam ironing station

Twice as versatile: ironing and steam cleaning in one.

Pressurised steam iron

High-quality pressurised steam iron with low-resistance stainless steel soleplate in an attractive yellow and black design.

Non-stick soleplate

Non-stick soleplate for the pressurised steam iron.