Before winter: Get your house and garden into shape

Summer is coming to an end, the warm days on the terrace are numbered and there is not much more to do in the garden. Now is the time to prepare the garden furniture and equipment for their winter break. We show you how to do it!

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Check list: Prepared for autumn and winter

1) Garden furniture:

  • Work to the surface with the flat water blaster jet at a distance of 20 to 30 centimetres.
  • If the dirt is very stubborn, the additional use of cleaning agents is recommended.

2) Flower pots and toys

  • Flower pots, or the children's slide, can also be cleaned with the water blaster along with the garden furniture, before they are all stored in the shed or cellar.
  • The work with the strong water jet is particularly quick and easy on mostly robust plastic surfaces.
  • This is also the case for ceramic plant pots.

3) Paths and walls

  • Most natural impurities can generally be removed quickly with a water blaster.
  • Because moss and lichen clings very stubbornly to the pores of surfaces, use the rotating nozzle for cleaning.
  • Get paths cleaned even faster with a so-called surface cleaner.

4) Terrace

  • Clean terraces and balconies with flat jet nozzles and jet lances, which allow you to variably adapt the water pressure to the type of material.
  • Using the water blaster with a surface cleaner attachment makes the job particularly easy. Additional advantages are the spray protection, and the water saved by completing the work more quickly.
  • Clean wooden surfaces with surface cleaners only, which allow the operating pressure to be regulated. Work with reduced pressure.
  • If the wooden surface has not been cleaned for some time, it has been shown that first applying a detergent loosens the dirt. Use the pressure washer here too, to distribute the mix of water and detergent at low pressure.

Sweep up leaves without the back pain

The most recommended sweepers are those equipped with two side brushes. Their long brushes expand the operating width, and ensure the edges of curbs and house walls are cleaned thoroughly.

Sweepers catch damp dirt as well as loose and dry dirt. There's no need to bend while sweeping, and you keep your hands clean. And because the sweepings go straight into the container, you don't have to start all over again after every gust of wind.

A storage tip A sweeper can take up quite a lot of space in the garage or shed. This problem is cleverly solved with machines that can be stored vertically against the wall with the push handles folded down.


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Clean garden tools before storing them

Tools and equipment such as wheelbarrows, spades, grass and garden rakes should also be thoroughly cleaned in autumn. Because if earth and plant residue remains attached for a longer time, it absorbs moisture and can cause corrosion to the metal surfaces.

If a tool is cleaned before the winter break, its value is enhanced and its life is extended. The especially powerful dirt scratcher - a rotating point jet - can also be used to remove stubborn incrustations with the pressure washer.

How to store your water blaster correctly

Once everything is clean, the water blaster can take its well-earned winter rest. Remember:

Drain any remaining water from the device. The easiest way to do this is to briefly start the machine again – for around half a minute - after removing the high-pressure hose and switching off the water supply. If water remains in the device and freezes, the expansion force of the ice can damage the pump and seals.





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